Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Do's And Don'ts Of Staying In A Hotel

Most people enjoy travel and holidays, and that usually entails staying in a hotel or similar accommodation. While the do’s and don’ts of travel fashion are critical in the enjoyment of your holiday, the place in which you stay is even more so.

The summer season is fast approaching, which means that millions of people are planning their holidays. You’re probably in the middle of this process yourself! This is what to do, and what not to do, if you’ll be staying in a hotel.

Do: Make the most of your time

You’ll have a check in time and a check out time, so bear them in mind. You have paid for the room, and you have a right to use it during those specific times. So don’t leave a second before, or arrive a second late. Have a hot bath, and a shower in the morning. You’ve earned it!

Do: Shop around

Chances are, you can find a cheaper room elsewhere. If you’re staying in a big city, there will be a lot of different places for you to stay, so have a look at them. Don’t stick with your first offer. You could browse hotel deals with Hotwire, for instance, and make sure your money is well-spent. After all, holidays shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Just an arm will suffice!

Do: Request anything that would make you more comfortable

Extra soaps, more tea, hot chocolate, you name it. Of course, not every hotel will be at your beck and call, but most good ones will give you extra coffee if you ask, at the very least.


Do Not: Give away your room number

It goes without saying, but it’s so easy to just blurt out the number of the room in which you’re staying. This could be to another guest, or to a complete hotel stranger! This is especially important if you’re travelling alone, too. Your security is important, and you never know who could be aware you’re staying alone.

Similarly, if the hotel receptionist announces your room number quite loudly at the front desk, request another room. Hotel foyers are quite large, and echo noises, so you never know who could hear your number! You’re perfectly within your rights to request a new room if you aren’t happy, so be sure to do so.

Do Not: Drink from the glasses

Let’s be honest, most things in a hotel room are full of germs. From the TV remote to the kettle to even the bed itself. On the plus side, these products are all touched by hand, and it’s quite easy to clean your paws. A splash of soap and water will do the trick!

However, the glassware is a different story altogether; it touches your mouth and lips. Of course, there’s no way to tell just how clean the glassware will be, but better safe than sorry I suppose! As much as we’d like to instill our faith in the hotel cleaners, chances are that those glasses are less than desirable to drink from. Use plastic cups, or better yet, bring your own mug.

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