Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Getting Your Home Ready For Summer!

Summer is just a few months away guys, so you better start getting ready if you want to enjoy it to the full! The tips in this guide will give you an idea of some of the things you need to be doing to have fun and stay comfortable this summer. Take a look!

Give It A Summery Makeover

I love making my home look more summery when I know the warmer weather is on its way. I sometimes do this by choosing a brighter paint color, but sometimes I’ll just choose a few new accessories. You can spend as much or as little time and money doing it how you like.

Include Flowers And Plants

There’s no better time to include flowers and plants in your home decor than summertime. I love to use real flowers and plants in summer rather than fake ones.


Have Your AC Tuned Up

You’re going to need your AC as the weather gets warmer, so have your AC tuned up in advance to make sure it’s doing its job. If it isn’t, find an air conditioner repair man to get it done in time.

Clean Your Ceiling Fans

If you have ceiling fans, you’ll soon have them switched on to combat the summer heat. Make sure you clean them up and give them a good dust to stop them from spraying dust everywhere! You don’t want to give anybody an allergy.

Change Your Window Treatments

If you have heavy curtains at the moment, you’ll probably want to swap them for something a bit more sheer. You could get lighter curtains, or even blinds. Blinds can be great for letting in as much light as you like, and they can even help you to control the temperature too.

Check Hoses Over And Other Outdoor Accessories Over

Make sure you check your hoses over and anything else in the garden you’re likely to be using this summer. Check your power outlets and any other garden accessories to make sure everything is safe to use.


Give Your Garden A Makeover

Why not give your garden a makeover while you’re making your home look more summery? You could invest in a few accessories, or you could make your garden a fun place to be with paddling pools, hammocks, and other fun stuff. If you have kids, why not make them their own patch of garden to play and learn with? I also love the way those miniature fairy doors look when they’re used on trees and tree stumps!

Use Your BBQ More Often

It’s summertime, so enjoy some summertime food and get your BBQ on more often. You’ll save money on your household bills and enjoy some yummy food. Invest in a BBQ if you don’t have one already. Some can double up as a firepit for when you have friends over too!

Start getting your home ready for summer now to have the best time. Are you excited for summer? I know I am!  

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