Sunday, January 5, 2014

Home Sweet Home: Healthy Living Day 5

I was a good girl today :)

 I was able to hang on to my healthy eating pledge and I spent the whole day at home fixing stuff and cleaning. I wish to inspire all of you too to hang on to healthy eating and keeping fit.

For breakfast I had a bowl of oats, a slice of watermelon and a glass of water. That was enough to keep me energized to proceed with my favorite chore- manually washing clothes!

I soaked the clothes in my favorite powder soap (buzz me if you want to know what brand it is) and went to our bedroom to give it its week's pampering.

I changed the bedding, swept the floor, mopped and arranged our clothes and put everything in proper place. My bling-bling could get all messed up when I am in a hurry on working days. It felt great getting rid of unwanted stuff and seeing our drawers organized.

I had enough time to go back to my laundry and was done before the sun went high up in the sky perfect for drying the linens. As always I recycled laundry H20 and used it to water our plants.

Ahhh ohh, I think someone got interested in the bubbles and took the liberty to help me! Meet our ever curious nephew who kinda thinks washing is akin to taking a bath :)

...and that's my son Roel happily posing while watering our mini-Roses.

...and these are our latest blooms majestically spreading cheer around our yard on a cool January morning!

Have a Happy Fourth Day of The Year one and all!

May your homes be filled with LOVE LOVE LOVE...

..join me in my journey....



4 yorum:

  1. i love home days, cleaning, projects, crafting something....i think it's why i love winter. the relaxed feeling of being a homebody!!

    your blooms are beautiful!!

  2. I must get better on keeping up with housework.

  3. Ahhh beautiful orchid and blooms. Beautiful joyful simple and healthy life


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