Friday, December 20, 2013

Home Sweet Home: My Not So Secret Other Life

I'll let you in on a secret! I have another addiction! Add it to taking selfie shots, writing and sleeping.

I love washing clothes! I love it more than cooking, cleaning and shopping. It feels like therapy to me. I am talking about doing the laundry without the aid of machines.  I love the smell of soap and the mere sight of bubbles makes me gleeful. The slippery feel and the "swish-swash" sound the water makes as I squeeze clothing reminds me of a happy childhood running under the sun and laughing out loud like there is no tomorrow.

 This is how I look when I am in the mood for dolling up a bit.

and this is me when I am simply home and ready for my "laundry" hobby...all painted with sunscreen and wearing comfy shirt, hair tied and happy to be simply home!

By the time I have hanged the clothes I sit on a chair watching the world go by...and it is a beautiful life- having the time for what matters most and cherishing each passing moment with loved ones.

and yes, my favorite job in life is the one I am not paid for- raising the kiddos and being the
SIMPLE, unglamorous, mom-me!

Have a blessed season one and all!

P.S. While I do love washing, I hate, absolutely hate folding clothes hahaha but I LOVE LOVE LOVE ironing 'em! Well, nobody is perfect right? Sssshhh
(photos taken with Samsung Galaxy Note II and edited with photo grid)

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  1. we can team up Zen, I can cook for you :) then you can do laundry for me :)


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