Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dagupan Here We Come: Chasing The Memories at Pedrito's Bakeshop & Restaurant

 A huge part of me thrived and stayed in Dagupan. It is the place where I got my medical education and where many life-changing events happened to me. One restaurant I love dearly there is...

Pedrito's Bakeshop & Restaurant

My dad introduced me to the place not very long ago. He loved it here! Yeah right, the place made me miss my dad but time heals all wounds and now whenever I see a thing or visit a place that remind me of him I have a smile on my face knowing that he is somehow with me in spirit. I had the opportunity to dine there once again when I reunited with a med-school super buddy, Mace. As with any superfriend reunion we had so much fun catching up and reminiscing!

Come Join Us!

 The resto-bakeshop has an atmosphere of gaiety. Works of art are all over the place. I love their colorful walls and their friendly staff whom we did not have to ask to take our photos but gladly volunteered.

 ...it was lunch time and the place was quite busy yet the songs being played by their live band kept the mood of everyone cheery. It was difficult at first to find a spot where we could watch while eating but a crew gladly offered a table for us perfect for dining and entertainment. Being serenaded is a great appetizer indeed!

 hmmm what to order at Pedrito's?
It is a Mexican- Filipino Resto and Bakeshop where you could experience
the best of a variety of cuisine
their CHICKEN, SATE MANOK is a must try!
and their sinigang na Bangus (milk-fish) belly is superb!
I love its creamy sauce enhanced by gabi and with just enough sour taste!
 yep, as you may have guessed I had sinigang na Bangus! Mace ordered a seafood platter. She is allergic to shrimp but the physician in her knew exactly what to do. She took antihistamine minutes before indulging.

 ..and for dessert we had Apple pie and salad! Their native bibingka (rice cake) is also a hit!
Loyal customers claim they have the best Batchoy in Dagupan City and their PLATO wraps are superb not to mention their baked goodies- enseymada, cheese rolls and pineapple twists and many more!

Did we have a grand time? Those smiles tell it all!
(We spotted a celebrity in the resto just as we were leaving, the "fan" part of us wanted to have our photo taken with her but we chickened out last minute LOL)

 We then proceeded to our beloved Alma Mater where we made initial plans for a Med-School reunion- something that is still in the drawing board as of this writing. :) Personally, I can't wait for the gathering and to eat at Pedrito's once more.

Pedrito's Bakeshop and Restaurant
Tapuac District Dagupan City
Find them on Facebook here-https://www.facebook.com/pedritos.bakeshop

 ~This isn't a sponsored post, just another happy customer's honest opinion.~
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  1. you two look so happy and beautiful, love your get-ups, so cool and comfy, and the food, the sea food platter looks like paella and am getting hungry thinking about it and looking at the picture :)


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