Monday, September 28, 2015

Lyceum Northwestern University FQD-Medical Foundation: A Walk Down Memory Lane

I used to wonder whether I will ever reach my dreams. My journey through Med school has been laden with tears, sacrifice and lots of hard-work. One thing I am sure of, I never would have made it without my parents' love. My mom sacrificed a lot for me to attain good education and I am forever thankful to her for everything.

I had the chance to walk down memory lane with a dear friend from way back Med school. I never thought it would feel that glorious visiting the school where my life now was written on the walls and depended on the scores posted on a bulletin board.

To my LNFQD buddies...walk with us...and let the memories come rushing back, like in the movies...

Dagupan City is the home of the country's tastiest "Bangus" (milkfish) and seafood for that matter. Don't you just miss eating with bare hands and visiting the city's numerous restaurants and the flee market with its yummy "pigar-pigar"? It is weird but I kinda I missed the traffic too!

The entrance to our dear Alma Mater has changed. 

It now has a wider gate and covered pathway.

 The parking area hasn't changed a bit though. The same spot is reserved for the Dean of Medicine. It is noteworthy though that unlike back in the day when we rode tricycles or simply walked towards the gate we now have a car to park. (Silly laughter) Meet my med school super duper friend- Dr. Maricel Campued aka Mace on the wheel....

...still single and very much available, message me if you want her number or FB account, twitter or e-mail ( ahem, forgive me for announcing to the world sis! who knows I might help you find Mr. Right here ehehehe )

ga-la-la!!! (let's go!!)

The door of the College of Medicine Office has likewise been re-located. It's now at the frontage of the campus.

Now I can not seem to recall how the door looked like years ago. I just remember that there's one very friendly, accommodating, sweet spoken lady inside who  patiently entertained our query and every minutest problem encountered as Med students....

remember ma'am Del?

 She's still there, patiently listening to students and welcoming guests. We still have the same dean. The most stunning intellectual I have ever met, Dr. Felipe Rodriguez. "The same banana," his favorite expression still rings on my ear. Unluckily he was not around when we visited. We've been informed the school needs lecturers on basic subjects. Dr. Austria still teaches, would you believe? He is due to retire soon though and they are searching for someone he could pass on his throne to.

...we signed our names on the alumni logbook and then explored the school grounds- what we used to call HOME...walk with us...

and be nostalgic....

 Remember first year Med? Butterflies in the stomach, bombarded with numerous terms to memorize...Did we introduce ourselves one by one in front then? I think so...Enter our widest classroom....

 I recall the confusing principles of Physiology! and mind breaking exams through the years!!! and our means and ways to cope! (silly grin)...

remember this friendly face who refused to be photographed at first...

He still works there and I don't think he aged a bit!

Now let's move on to our higher year classrooms..

...still looks pretty much the same, right? They have additional lockers now though. I never had a locker then! What did I love seeing on that bulletin board? A note that says "no classes today" of course! :)

...having had a glimpse of our old classrooms we decided to explore Amado St. which we used to traverse day in and day out as if forever...

we laughed at the memory of walking that busy narrow street and smiled at the thought of a dear friend, Cynthia who always had refreshing juice offered to us and the many other friendships we have formed through the years...

..and the "heart matters" (ahem) of course which broke at the same time inspired us to do our best in life...

We wanted to enter the dorms where we used to spend our "studying hard" moments (as if) yet it was too warm that day that we decided to save such an event when we finally get together with the rest of our schoolmates!

I could imagine how much memories such a reunion would invoke.

Having thought of contacting the rest of you to finally plan our reunion, we went back to the campus and  guess whom we saw...Kuya------ We shall give a reward to whomever could give his name on the comment box first!

We didn't dare walk up the stairs to the Anatomy Room though, I guess we were not in the mood to meet Mr. or Miss Cadaver God bless their souls for helping educate physicians.

Our journey never would have been the same without patience, endurance, physical and mental and the awesome friendships in class! Gosh I miss you all guys! Please leave a message on the comment box if you want a reunion!

It could even be a grand reunion and not just a batch reunion...a simple one would suffice. What do you think?

I think, it is such a wonderful gift to be given the chance to serve humanity in the most "caring" way possible and that in the next lifetime, I will still choose to be a healer and a graduate of LNFQD Medical Foundation...otherwise, I wouldn't have met you all....missing you!!!! shoot as a message!

Larry aka Ynx, gee we missed your presence that day....I really hope we could get together soon!

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  1. you made me walk down the memory lane too, Dentistry days naman. i wish to re-visit CEU bigla, hahaha! yabyew! i am sure Mace will find her Mr Right soon. :)

  2. It's always good to return back into memories :-)

  3. I remember Maricel in Friendster, wow, indeed what a big difference it is to be entering the school now with a car. When I was still teaching in pinas, I loved it each time former students visit, am sure they at the university were delighted to see you both.

  4. Hello Kulasa,
    That's great to look back. Nice shots of that school.

    Best regards,

  5. Hi guys
    What a wonderful memories we had in Med school, thanks for activating my neurons.....wish I could go back to those golden days once again....
    Maricel you are still looking fabolus ..... Wonder if Eltom is still in touch with you �� Lol
    Keep in touch
    My sincerest regards
    Jawad Saleem


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