Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Essential Spring Cleaning Tips For Busy People

Both January and February have been incredibly busy months for most people this year, which is probably why so many of us have somewhat neglected our cleaning routines. Having a messy home can be a real pain, so setting some time aside this weekend to catch up on the chores could be a very wise move. At the end of the day, the longer you leave it, the more work you’ll have to do to put things back to normal, and nobody wants to spend hours and hours scrubbing and dusting on their day off now do they?

So, if you need some handy cleaning tips that could help to speed the process up whilst still making your home look fantastic, lend me your eyes for the next couple of minutes and I’ll try my best to give you some useful information. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never worked for a professional cleaning company or anything similar. However, I have owned a number of properties over the years, and unfortunately, I hadn’t heard of Hutchinsons Staff until very recently. So, I’ve had no choice but to complete all cleaning tasks myself.

Stainless Steel Cleaning

If you live in a modern home, you might well have stainless steel units or shelves in your kitchen or bathroom. As you will know, this stuff can be a real hassle to clean, which is why you’ll definitely want to utilise cleaning tip #1.

You’ll need to ideally use a wax based aerosol spray for this. Make sure you only apply a thin mist and then wipe it clean with a lint free cloth. If you use too much, you’ll make the surface greasy, and this is something you want to avoid.

Bathtub / Shower / Sink Cleaning

I think you’re going to like this one, as it doesn’t include the use of any standard cleaning products. In fact, you could already have everything you need for cleaning tip #2 lying around at home.

Get yourself a grapefruit and cut it in half. Now, pour some salt onto a tray or table and rub the inside section of the grapefruit on top. Once this is complete, simply rub the grapefruit around your bathtub and in any areas that look dirty. You should notice a massive difference immediately.

Wooden Surface Cleaning

The vast majority of people would simply head out and purchase a tin of polish, but it’s actually possible to make your own with little or no effort. This is what will make up cleaning tip #3.

All you need is a lemon, some olive oil and some water. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze until the juices fill a small container. Now, add a tablespoon of water and a tablespoon of olive oil and you're done. Just make sure you use this mix sparingly, as you don’t want the entire property to stink of fresh lemon - people might talk.

Well folks, I sincerely hope you’ve found these essential cleaning tips useful, and you’ll be more inclined to try them out whenever you finally get round to sorting out the mess. They should help to cut down on costs and get the job done a little quicker, something I know you’ll be thankful of.

See you back here next time for some more awesome tips!

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