Sunday, July 7, 2013

Monday Thoughts

     So here I am on a work-free Monday morning not sure how to spend it. I have laundry waiting for me and I have honestly not yet taken a bath. The kids have gone to school and the hubby is on his way to work. The bed is so inviting for a nap. I am actually thinking of sleeping the whole day to get fully energized. The past days I have been juggling career and motherhood and that thing I call "wife-ing," that I had less time for blogging and oh well doing what I love doing most- sleeping. I have not gone jogging for several weeks now and I have stubbornly been battling with flu the past week. I drank and drank my favorite medicine for any discomfort that I feel- most of the time. The hubby drove me to the university on Saturday after my 24 hour duty and oh boy I was running a fever. Lack of sleep and rest finally took a toll on this not that sexy body. I was able to enroll though enduring the headache and the stuffiness of my nose and was also able to give the kiddos a great time at National Bookstore choosing new books to read. Roel grabbed a "wimpy kid" book while Cis bought two "Bob Ong" authored stuff. I was jokingly telling the hubby maybe we should seriously start writing a book in Filipino too.

I am amazed at how successful Bob Ong has become. I browsed his words curious about what my son loves so much reading in his works. His humility and simplicity and humor is inspiring. I wish I had such a drive to write and then look for a publisher. Then again it is always free to dream right? One day I will really work on a book and pull heaven and Earth to get it published. I was so tempted to purchase some novels if only to get inspiration to write one. Yet as always I was able to stop myself thinking I should get "real," and accept the fact that I am not that good enough to be able to come up with something the whole world would read and enjoy. So I put the novel back into its shelf and just daydreamed of one day becoming a published author. For now, the laundry waits and I have to take a bath. If there is one thing that I have to consider an accomplishment this day is the fact that I have decided to turn this blog into my "blah" "blah" know, my "whatever comes out of my brain," page.

     This very moment I do not look glamorous at all. I am wearing my favorite black worn out shirt matched with pink shorts and my hair is unkempt as a bird's nest and I smell sour yet I can say that I am happy, inlove and getting back to being healthy.

     I will not post a photo of me being ugly though as that would be in contradiction to my other plan for this blog which is to make it my ahem, "fashion" here's ME when I have time to comb my hair.... time I will share with you the shortcut to looking great in a photo.....
but please do remember always

...that real beauty is having a heart that listens and generous, caring hands.... 


may your home be always filled with  love, peace and happiness...


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  1. psssst, go and take a bath na!!! hehehe! happy monday! labyew! work mode in a bit. ;)

  2. hehehe, enjoyed this post, hope you have combed your hair now :)

  3. Wow, looks like you got the virus... blogging virus that is. wink* For me, I'm a recovering addict. But we'll see if I can keep it up.

  4. Just found this blog of yours, and you look very beautiful, Kulasa!

    Stay healthy as I miss you..


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