Thursday, June 27, 2013

Only Time Can Tell

photo by Junaz Licup

          Sometimes she still sings for you. Sometimes she takes out her gretsch at musicians friend and strums endlessly and though sometimes forgets the lyrics of your song, knows by heart the melody. And yes sometimes she still watches the moon and wishes that somewhere you are looking at the same sky too. She wonders whether she will ever see you again or whether you still feel the same way she does. She wonders every waking morning. In fact there isn't a day that she does not remember you. Has she moved on? -perhaps only time can tell. 

4 yorum:

  1. lots in this, do we ever really move on? or are person still a part of us, more matter how much time has past?

  2. heehee, only time can tell indeed! labyew!!!

  3. Love this super artistic and emo post :)

  4. Do we really move on? That's a great question. I believe we move on in a physical sense, but our memory stays with us forever!


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