Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why Wake Up Early?

Sunrise photo by my cousin Rio Martinez
     I must admit I used to be one of those women who would curl up in bed on my work-free days even after the alarm clock has rung. I'd grab my blanket and hug my pillow closer, shut my eyes tight and force my mind back to dreamland. All that changed when I became a photo enthusiast which eventually turned me into some kind of a health buff. The magic word has been "health," because while we could list a hundred and one excuses for eating more than what our body needs and refusing to pull our lazy butts out of bed early it is a fact that such a habit is detrimental to our well-being. 

    So for the past weeks I have been merrily heeding the call of my soul for bonding with nature at the best time of the day which is early morning. Jogging towards the seashore is an ultimate stress-buster for me and my family.

cousins Rio, nephew Alex and nieces Angel and Cherry resting from a jog

my sister-in-law Che and Me cherishing that moment of reaching our finish line, the shore
Some Of The Benefits of Waking Up Early include

  • Becoming more productive at work and in school including acquiring better grades.
  • A better mental health.
  • Having the time to exercise, burn fats and therefore boosting one's immune system and making blood circulation at its optimum preventing cardio-vascular diseases. 
  • A precious bonding time with family and friends.

The youngsters in the family are becoming more ambitious about our quest for healthier bodies and thinking of hiking and joining fun runs which would then be best with gadgets to keep us well hydrated such as 
cw-usa gatorade cooler . 

cousin Rio and daughter Chloe in one of the family runs they have joined

Being a mom it is our responsibility to keep ourselves healthy so whenever circumstances allow, it is best to wake up early :)
...but I guess many of you because of the uncountable things you got to do are up hours before the sun is up :)
Good Health and blessings from my family to yours...

`special thanks to Rio Martinez for allowing me to use her photos'

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  1. I need to change my sleeping hours because I wanted to wake up early for a long long time. Since I started blogging, I've been up the whole night and I only sleep early during weekends. I need to change this habit. Thanks for reminding me about this, Zen.

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  3. haha, your post reminds me of my late nanay Zen, she would faithfully be my alarm clock back when i was younger, she would wake me up to go jogging, and i could not give her any excuse not to, haha!

  4. Back home, I wake up early, like as early as 5am. But when we got here in Canada where my son's school is just behind the apartment, I wake up as late as 6:30. Like Ems, I also need to change my sleeping habit. I sleep very late and wake up at 6:30, I only get a few hours sleep and my body gets tired at the end of the day. Thanks for this reminder.

  5. I admire your determination to really do something for your health like jogging and exercising. For months I've been meaning to do just that but until now I still haven't! I would like to enroll in a gym but until now, di ko pa rin nagagawa. :( Keep it up!

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  7. Waking up early, I'll think it over. LOL Eon of years ago, I get up of bed as soon as the cock crows 2x. alarm clock ko yun. Now, 6 am gising na ako, so sure sisigawan na ako ni misis, kasi ako pa ang bibili ng tinapay. LOl

  8. I super like those kind of bonding by the beach, nakakamiss ang tabing dagat!

  9. gorgeous pics! I should really learn to wake up early too! arghh. the battle of waking up early. hehe

  10. Beautiful pictures Sis especially with your little girl :-) I myself is an early type of person, no matter what if I sleep last night :) My body will tell me that it is time to get up. I always love the sun rise to start my day :) How I wish there is a beach close by where I live, would love to explore and listen to the waves :)

  11. wow, this is nice to know and really great to hear it from a doctor yourself. :) i have very poor sleeping habit. :) i sleep, i wake up early and get ready to bring my son to school then i sleep again if i find time...then wake up. i know, i need to change that. this is an eye-opener and thanks for sharing those benefits! :) btw, beautiful pictures are always...have a great weekend po Doc. xx

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  13. i will do my best to wake up early next weekend, hahaha! the sleep deprived me always end up sleeping in when i have no work.
    psssst, love, love, love your new template! yabyew :*

  14. I sleep late, and so no question of me waking up early :-P


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