Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Best Snack: Toothy Fruity

     I must admit I am such a foodie! I love eating and I have such a sweet-tooth! Candies, chocolates in all shapes and color entices my brain. However, getting a bit older and having my share of sleepless nights suffering from toothaches, dizziness and feeling sluggish because of too much sugar I have slowly overcome my craving for the bad sources of energy.  So these days instead on snacking on chips and chocolates and cake I indulge in the vivid colors of health!

     Juicy, naturally sweet watermelon with its oh so cheery red color and oh so yummy crunch is my all-time favorite thirst quencher! It helps us keep up with our need for electrolytes and fluids especially on warm days.

     Grapes, oh grapes! Each bite makes its flavor ignite inside our mouth with bursts of sweet juice from each crunch! What berries do to our bodies? They are one of the best sources of Vitamin C that boosts our immune system. Of course we must all be aware of that as it is taught as early as pre-school and constantly recited by our moms yet sometimes our love for unnatural flavors keep such thought hidden in the dark crevices of our stubborn brains.

     An apple a day, keeps the doctor away! In fact even the dentists because they help ward off bacteria inside our mouths. And oh bananas! They are oh so good suppliers of electrolytes that keep our cells functioning well!

     I could eat lots of them! Warning though with too much intake because you could get constipated. Aaarrghhh, the key is to eat all of 'em toothy fruity in moderation!

And yes, "pineapples," gee I would love to live in a pineapple under the sea and enjoy its goodness from dawn to night! Their yellow pulp with just the right sweet and sour touch is heavenly!

     Oh that has to be me with a basket full of fruits, whistling a tune to good health! More than the benefits fruits does to our body they also keep our minds and memories functioning well! Clear skin; just the right waist size; ache free days; good mood and countless other great things from a snack of toothy fruity natural goodies make me pursue my plan of planting more fruit bearing trees and shrubs! Aaaahhh I am breaking up with too much chocolates and candies, pronto! :D

     Want to do that too? :D Join my club, will you?


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  1. my favorite photos would have to be the last three, and the last among the three tops :) so joyful pictures Zen, love fruits too, and I am missing some of our fruits such as singuelas, I always remember that each time i eat cherry here, since though I like cherries, but I believe siguelas are far more superior in taste, haha! I love sweets too, very much into cakes and pies and yes, chocolates, the milk chocolates, haha, dark chocolates are supposed to be good for your health, Khai always has a one serving of dark chocolate each day, but I can't stand the taste since it seems like there is no milk nor sugar. I love the very sweet milk choco, the one devoid of nutrients probably, haha.

  2. I love to eat fruits too, just some pieces of them and you instantly get bloated. The best! I admire the view of the rice field! It must be so nice living in an area where you have so much green scenery to look at everyday. :)

  3. Aw the water melon!! I love it. We used to pick the big circle water melon but one time I tried the yellow one and that was oval, opposite from the one above. But the taste is but similar.

  4. Water melon, I know somebody who simply go crazy about it. Right KM.. ;) Bananas, I go for the 'saba' ones. sis, bagay sa iyo tindera ng kakaning merienda.:)

  5. G is crazy about watermelon and grapes and AP-PU (apples), hahaha! toothy fruity indeed, thank God our basket at home is filled with fruits most of the time. M and I bring fruits to work too. cheers to a healthier life! if only we have a backyard, papa will be happy if we could pursue his fruit trees planting spree. ;)

  6. Your many different fruits are so scrumptious looking and are so good for you!


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