Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beating The Summer Heat at Morning Seven Resort Hotel

     Summer is almost over! Today it is raining again, a sign that soon vacation will be over for the kiddos. In the coming months they will be so busy working on school stuff and us moms will have our hands full shuffling household chores and career. For those of you looking for a place to spend the last days of summer in La Union, you might want to visit MORNING SEVEN RESORT HOTEL in Luna.

     My family and I spent one Saturday at the said resort swimming, eating and just enjoying the breeze and life's precious lazy moments courtesy of one of my generous, handsome uncles "wink."

     Their brochure perfectly described the place as "a resort hotel which provides quality service and a traditional Filipino family hospitality to guests; Its unique concept welcomes everyone as a member of the family and makes you feel at home- you'll surely love it when you get there!"

their friendly accommodating staff

...and comfy lobby...

my son Roel getting ready to get wet and happy as happy can be 
 If you are in the mood for playing in the water they have two public pools built with fountains made for both kids and kids at heart....

(sweet cousins)

my brother and his 4 year old son beating the summer heat

     They also have an infinity pool where you could bask in the glory of early morning sunlight and the breeze of the China Sea at sunset and night. 

Angel, one of my teen-age nieces

     The beauty of it all is that you could always head right into the beach when you get bored in the pool for an adventure with nature.

     They also offer recreation for the sporty types like my cousin Rhaleen who loves playing billiards and darts.

for the teen-age group who love surfing the net more than swimming the wi-fi zone is the best area to hang out...

which is below this deck overlooking the sea, perfect for sight-seeing and chatting with friends

Now while everyone else in the family were busy eating and swimming I of course roamed around and had my fill of camera exploration...

...and found that the hotel also has function rooms that could accommodate 100-200 pax 
as well as a bar with videoke equipped with modern music and lights for around 50-60 persons and a VIP lounge for 10-20 persons. Too bad I didn't get the chance to explore those hotel parts. 

the adoration chapel to the left of the building's entrance
         You can bring fish to grill at the picnic area as well as cooked, ready to eat foodies or you can simply order at the Susana Resto.

 They serve "appetizing fresh Filipino cuisine. Their "Igado," a dish maid of pork tenderloin is a must- try as well as their 'dinakdakan," also a pork dish. For the health buffs you would probably choose their fresh vegetable dishes and fresh sea foods instead. As for me their local desserts are the best.

one of Morning Seven's courteous food servers and one of my uncles 
     They have affordable and relaxing sea view accommodations to suit our needs as well as cottages.

     Flowering plants and bushes abound in the grounds and you bet, kept me busy for minutes capturing with "kulasa," my camera.

     Now for the best part of the day, we headed for the beach area for that therapeutic view of the blue sky and the blue ocean at sunset time.

there were some kids flying kites and I realized that would be a perfect activity for the kiddos the next time we visit...

      More than anything else what I love about getting the chance to slow down and relax in places like this is the quality time we spend with family and friends making as feel renewed to face the challenges of life and following the righteous path.

young ones, and me- feeling young :)

     As the sun bid goodbye to the world that day, I once again prayed and thanked the Lord, for all the blessings he has given all of us without even asking and for forgiveness for being so selfish and greedy at times.


Tel Nos. (02) 824-3728/0999-879-2616
Cel Nos.: 0917-8166251/ 0935-9728135
Telefax: (02) 821-4675

facebook page:
web add:

info on their rates 

how to get there....

for more info please contact them via the contact details above...

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  1. Looks like a wonderful place to stay, and a fabulous way to spend time with family!

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  3. So glad you were able to enjoy the beach resort, the pictures describe the happiness of your family's togetherness and the beauty of the day and night by the sea

  4. Ahhh, sinugba, give me some, sarap sawsaw sa toyomansi na ma-anghang. So love the sunset pics, we almost always have perfect sunset there

  5. Ang saya saya naman. Doc Zen bat di mo ko sinama hehehe. That is one beautiful place to unwind and relax with the family!

  6. looks like you had a blast! I'm so envy looking at these photos. I wish we live near the beach.

  7. We all need one more summer getaway before classes start again this June, im happy you had yours already.

    Best regards,


  8. It sure is a nice place to stay and unwind. I like that they have a lot of things to offer, from the infinity pool, the beach to the nice recreation hall. It's a perfect place to go to this summer.

  9. weeeeee, what a great hotel review. won't be surpeised if next time they invite you there to stay for free.
    now, craving for a inihaw na bangus. all your fault, hahaha! great pics fr kulasa, bet you know which are my faves. ;)

  10. Infinity pools make me happy kahit hindi ako marunong magswimming :) This place is certainly a good one, especially when we have our loved ones with us!

  11. Great family bonding time. The place seems nice and the resort's facilities are welcome relief to guests. BTW, type kong makipaglaro ng billard sa niece mo. ;)

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