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One Sunset with Beth at MA-CHO TEMPLE...

Ma-cho temple
      One of the tourists attractions in my province is MA-CHO TEMPLE. The place is dear to my heart as it was built the same year I was born- 1975. No wonder it has been there for as long as I can remember. It was built by the Chinese community in San Fernando City under the leadership of Jose D. Aspiras and Mr. Dy Keh Hio. I remember passing by this welcome arch all the days of my childhood life as we lived just nearby and being curious just what was up there. It took me years before I finally got to see the place and I have been re-visiting ever since because of the inner peace I feel each time I am there.

      December last year I was able to re-visit it with a friend vacationing from the US. Making our way towards Ma-cho temple with an elevation of 70 above sea level we giggled all the way up the slightly steep road because I was wearing wedged shoes and had difficulty pulling my weight against gravity. So if you are planning to visit Ma-Cho Temple on foot too please wear comfy shoes.


      The view of the temple from below was enough though to keep me walking with glee. In fact Beth, little Beth as I fondly call her because there are three Beths in our group The Salitype Society was laughing non-stop for the simple reason that we were together again at last after years of communicating through the blogging world. The joy of exploring is multiplied when we travel with people who have the same passion for the written word and captured images. So when we were suddenly greeted by this black-brown dog instead of being taken aback we bursts into a louder fit of laughter. 

     The view that was waiting for us took our breaths away. The sun was on its way down just in time to adorn the towering tiers of Ma-cho temple.
tiers of macho temple at sunset

     Being the sunset lover that I am, I just stood there as always, mesmerized by the ending of another day in my day that will always be a part of my existence, a day when I once more realized that "friendship makes life worth living no matter how far we may be from each other, because one good friend inspires us to be people of purpose" ...and so I stood there, clicking with my cam and silently praying for everyone in the world, for all who are in pain and suffering; for everyone without food and shelter and everyone who have not yet known, the beauty of FAITH.

     ....and as we walked on through the entrance of the temple we passed by the 18 Chinese Saints carved in stone statues and became silent and meditated.

     The sun was at its most radiant and lighted the facade of the temple majestically.

     I was in awe at this place open to worshipers and non-worshipers alike and where devotees would pray to the Gods to grant their wish. I have yet to witness said "Buyong" session where the temple priests reads messages to the devotees.

         and so taking advantage of the last rays of sunlight, we posed....posed and posed and posed.....

 meet MARIBETH, "little Beth" of The Salitype Society 

 you wouldn't notice that at that very moment she was suffering from sore throat because she has that winsome smile that makes one instantly smile back too...

 ...and so smile I did, and applied what she taught me about appearing thinner in photos...

 she said, "breathe in, hold your breath, keep your shoulders straight, chin up hands to your sides and SMILE," there! "perfect ate," she blurted and I was again in a fit of laughter seeing her standing on her toes trying so hard to capture a great angle with her lovely height :)

then the SUNSET seemed  to be giving us all the great time in the world to capture it..
my heart was no doubt singing with joy...

     then we decided to climb the giant stairs towards the temple doors....

at the right staircase of the temple, the bell and drum towers on the side...

      Unfortunately the doors were already closed and we didn't get to enter and pray inside the temple and perceive the Chinese ancient decorations and art and the 18-inch image of Mazu (indigenous goddess of the sea, said to protect fisherman and sailors) in the altar.

     There is always a next time and next time I will share with you my experience inside the temple. For now I am filled with happy memories of one sunset at MA-CHO temple with a friend who makes this life...

...a beautiful journey through mesmerizing sunsets...

Thank you everyone for being my FRIEND...

 MA-CHO temple is located along National Highway, Quezon Avenue,
San Fernando City, Northern Philippines
Info Source: Wikipedia

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  1. I'm smiling as i'm reminiscing every microsecond of that special day sis...the laughter and the wonderful stories that we shared on that special day came rushing in... Sigh! I miss you... I miss san Fernando and the majestic beauty and the lovely memories that it brings me...sigh! Let's do this again next time....thank you for that one special day sis!!!!!

  2. celebrating special friendship at its best! hi lil' Beth! you and zen look radiant. wish i was there too. ;)

  3. what beautiful images of such a happy visit!! looks like fun!!

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  5. Lovely lighting in each of the images Zen, wish I could have joine you two :)

  6. Great and beautiful shots! I love the sunset, too, and I would never get tired taking a snap of it! Sounds like a fun photo opps for you guys! :)

  7. What an amazing shots you have in there.. love them all. I wish I can visit this place when I go back to the Philippines. Thanks for this "enticing" post :-) you made me want to come back (out of curiosity) on what it is like inside.

  8. time spent with friends is priceless, wish i were there with you two, and all the other tss sisters. the lighting in the pics is awesome Zen, perfect time for photography there, and love the structures, very interesting. wish to explore that one sweet day too with you, and have fun photo shoot haha

  9. I love how the dog's ears are up and down. Were you talking to him? Love the smiles and the poses.

  10. humbs up sa mga sunset photos mo. Nahuli mo kahinaan ko.. BTW, great temple.

  11. back from fbf! can't get enough of the sunset and pretty faces of you and lil' beth ;)

  12. Wow! beautiful temple that I would love to visit :-) I love the sunset. It is my fave subject to take a picture of :-) Looks like you had a blast exploring the temple with a friend :-)

  13. There is really a certain place when someone feels at home or at peace and this place does it for you. It's nice that you were also able to share the place with someone who is dear to you. :)

  14. beautiful pictures and thanks for sharing about this ma-cho temple, looks like really nice place to see and everything seems lovely! :) loving the sunset pictures especially that last one, awesome shot for me! you and friend had fun, i bet, can see it in your smiles...and oh, i will remember what your friend thought you on how to look thinner, maybe i can share it with other friends too. :)


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