Thursday, September 12, 2019

No Rice! My Low Carb Diet Journey

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So, I've been on and off healthy eating. Something a follower would know. Is there anyone out there left reading this blog? haha, well somehow I'd love for this page to be read by only me. That is not the purpose of blogging at all.

Anyway, I have been busy. Hmmm to say I have been busy is in fact an understatement.

I have been engrossed in daily life grinds! Like work, family, studies. Name it! I still find time to sleep though, a talent I guess I will have until the end wehehehe.

Well, one thing that changed since I hit forty was my weight! I became really more conscious of my health. I finally bid goodbye to sweets!
No more dessert for me! - the complicated, intricately designed sweets have been ditched from my vocabulary- AT LAST.

So, what changed? My blood sugar level did! I had signs and symptoms of diabetes, something that is in the family genes, so lo and behold, I was afraid like really afraid for the first time in many years of existence.

So, I am now on a low carbohydrate diet. I broke up with beloved rice, and pastries and ice cream and everything that is fancy and sweet yeah even milk chocolates. Hmmm yep I do indulge in darck chocolates once in awhile. It keeps me sane, believe me!

So today, I also chose not to be stressed with law school haha. I have enrolled in five subjects. Now I am planning to quit this semester. Gee, bad decision eh? but I am just too tired. It does not make me happy these days! I need a rest! I need my sanity back! I want to be happy! I am aging hahahaha.........

They say you can never really have everything. So, I am accepting that. I am not quitting. I am simply taking a break!

So ask me how to lose weight? Simple, have a motivation, a strong one, like good health and being able to live a long life with thy loved ones. What better reason is there?

That is all for now, sleep beckons wehehehe :)

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