Sunday, May 26, 2019

Back On Track

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So, I just recovered my site. Using my Google Profile on blogger has rendered my account inaccessible until I figured out through blogger forum what to do. All thanks to one user who had the same issue I managed to log in after several frustrated attempts.

Okay, so how have I been? I've been busy with work, school and of course I have been prioritizing my family all these years. So, writing quite took a backseat. The farthest seat to say the least 😙.

I'll be an irregular third year law stud this coming semester. Ha,ha, you can say I am proud of that. I won't stop anyone from thinking that because it truly is grueling. Going to class always seems like a nightmare straight from Elms street! And the exams? Whoa, you bet my heart always seems to leave my chest haha. Glad my brain doesn't leave haha, though it always shuts down the first ten minutes. I'd be there glaring at the questionnaire, anxious, depressed, nauseous and all the negative feelings you could conjure. Yet each time I manage to drag myself inside the classroom to listen to the lecture. Well anyway, as always in any challenge that I face, I pray, pray and pray and just give my best shot, mmmm not always the best though but I just go with the flow....blah blah...pray for me, the toughest time in the university is yet to come. Plus the Bar Exams will surely terrorize the living daylights out of me LOL.

So, work? Aaaahhh next topic. Love? Mmmmm let's say everything is stable. Or so I think eh? Fingers crossed here.

Mmmm above is my latest portrait. Am still on a weight lost program. On my maintenance phase already, actually. Currently have ditched white rice and munching on red rice for breakfast and dinner. My lunch consists of whole oats an egg and a fruit. Water and milk are my fave drink. No soda, no coffee and yes I also said goodbye to chocolate drinks. Chocolates? aahh dark choco I can not give up. Sometimes I cheat and eat vanilla ice cream. Salty food has gone from my system too! No more chips, aah I eat just the none salty, wheat based ones, proud I couldn't finish a pack of that one already too! But I gained a bit of weight again. At least people no longer tell me I'm too thin.

So on that note, I gotta park and do advanced reading on Succession and Conflicts of Law. You know this brain has become hungry for knowledge all of a sudden. Knowledge or sleep? Haha, let you know next time!


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