Monday, February 25, 2019

Come Visit the "La Union Agri-Tourism Village"!

Five Reasons...I'll give you five good reasons you should head to the La Union Provincial Capitol on its 169th Foundation Anniversary.

1. For "good health"

See my forehead above? It's glistening from sweating on my way up the road that has been beautifully lighted, theatrically I'd say. Perfect for dramatic, moody shots. My mood was festive! For indeed there is a celebration happening in the province now. I had dessert for dinner and I was so glad to have burned up the extra calories. Plus, I was kinda testing my endurance for long walks and it turned out I had more saved up energy than the hubby who is one of my designated photographers for the evening, the other being our seventeen year old.

I encourage you to go in your most comfy clothing and shoes for the uphill invigorating evening stroll. You'll feel young seeing a lot of kids and hearing them giggle over simple things.

PGLU is headed by Gov. Francisco Emmanuel "Pacoy" R. Ortega III whose vision is for La Union to be the Heart of Agri-tourism in Northern Luzon.

Let's move all the way up! Breathe in, breathe out. Take a sip from your water bottle which you shouldn't fail to bring along with a hanky . (No worries in case you aren't tough enough, there are medical personnel on duty.) You can even have your blood glucose checked or your blood type determined at the health booth plus listen to health advocacy or even get expert medical advise.

2. For "Eye Candies" That Bring Out Only Good Vibes 

Yiiii!!! The municipal agri-tourism booths woke up the sleeping photo-enthusiast in me. Nothing like rustic feel to excite a shutter lover! Flowers, wood, colorful decors; simple to intricate concepts you can feast on them all! My shots are not that good though, pardon. I have long ditched my DSLR for "iphonenography". But anyway I hope the following photos do convey my eagerness to share the joy with you.

3. Limitless Family Bonding

The emphasis on "quality time" with the fam-bam can never be taken for granted. Hmmmm it should have been first on my list, do you agree? I was planning to ask for photos from friends who've been to the village to post but I think it is best to share personal experience for now 😀 

Obviously this area is my favorite! Why? Because "red" symbolizes cheer and the "Pagoda Chinese Lanterns" to me are translated as "Pagoda Cheer Lanterns". Plus, the cool breeze that welcomes one upon reaching the last step to the Pagoda is an immense relief from ze calorie burning. Here, you can watch the rest of the world go by dreamily.

You could opt to watch the shows being presented by the agri-tourism circuits or simply listen to bands playing beautiful music. You can even request for songs to be performed. The lighted capitol building itself is a sight to behold.

As you can read in the tarp, no problem for senior citizens, the PWDs and the preggy because there is free shuttle at a designated pick-up point. For adventurous senior citizens the walk is leisurely.

4. For a Special Food-Trip and Bazaar Hunting!

Now, that is self-explanatory (insert huge grin)! There's a huge array of goodies to choose from- tako balls, waffle, sweet corn and cassava, lemon, mango, buko name it!

And oh, for kids and kids-at-heart there are lotsa toys and cutie items on sale!

And for grown-ups like the hubby who could get tired, there are many chairs to seat on while waiting for the women and kids shopping. Guess what I bought, was it a sandal or a purse? The answer is definitely not "none of the above". I can't go home without a souvenir eh?

There's the health booth with the sweet doctor on duty.

5. And now for the 5th reason! For non-stop, no breathing, seemingly endless, CAPTURING of MEMORIES

Beautiful moments are a must to capture, share and save. No argument on that. Go ahead, smile, laugh, live in the moment. Your choice to either save the wonderful moment electronically or simply through your heart or both.

As for me, I love saving these kind of moments seeing loved ones happy and content.

Aherm, and just as any obedient husband, mine never gave up capturing me beside the La Union signage. He did succeed putting a smile and a dimple on my face and that is close enough.

In case you are still reading 😊 and interested to see photos of the village in broad daylight, please scroll down...

The photos below are so "Instagrammable"! It is a wonder really why I haven't posted 'em on IG yet. I know why, yiiii I wouldn't want to flood IG because once I post one, am sure I'd not be able to stop!

Simply delightful and brings back lots of childhood memories.

Jars and bottles, always a magnificent view.

Old things, they have a way of touching the heart.

What are you waiting for? Go have fun in the Village! It will be waiting for you until the 9th of March.

Go with work-mates/friends and family. There's free wifi so you could post your fun on social-media real-time.

WiFi Name: LaUnion_Capitol 
Password: govpacoy

For inquiries please visit the Provincial Government of La Union's official Facebook Page.

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