Sunday, April 10, 2022

Wanted: Healthy Eating Buddies

So I have been into high fiber, colorful healthy eating for the past years. Sharing with you my favorite dishes and hoping you will hop into (pun intended) my "crazy for greens" diet. 


Above is a recipe I found while browsing Google articles - "Oats Bread" which my cousin Lejin has been baking for me. The bread has eggs, milk and bananas for flavoring. No sugar or any other ingredient is added. I love munching on it matched with my warm milk. 


My usual lunch these days is stir fried veggies with chicken meat flavored with a bit of soy sauce. The crunchiness of the vegetables gives me thoughts of robustness. The chicken gives me protein plus I get my load of Vitamin C! This one's cooked by my workmate/ friend ate V. 


Dinner is always a blast for me since my sister-in-law Juvs passionately cooks 'em! Above is milk fish with  tomatoes and ginger enriched broth! Oh I have not mentioned I have not been eating rice for years now. The greens in every dish more than makes up for my longing for the carbohydrates in rice. 

A rice- break up may not work for everyone however I got committed to stay away from rice because of borderline blood sugar levels. 

Anyway, there is a healthy diet that works for each of us. Above works for me. Hmmm just don't expose me to cake more particularly to chocolate cake HAHA 😋 because I have a "thing" for chocolate cakes that science can explain 😍

Happy healthy eating everyone! 


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