Sunday, April 10, 2022

Dawn,- April 10, 2022

This morning there was no pressure to wake up early but I got out of bed to make breakfast with the hubby. 

And I was delightful I did for the sky was beautifully lit!

The banana leaves are by our front yard. I love how they seem like hands raised in worship. 

Trees, its leaves and branches never fail to amaze me. They are signs of LIFE and manifestations of LOVE and HOPE. 

I watched as always in awe at God's magnificent creation. 

It's Palm Sunday and the SKY meaningfully painted my GRATITUDE for ....FAMILY, FRIENDS, WORK, GOOD HEALTH, CHALLENGES and every simple thing in LIFE. 

May everyone in all the world find PEACE and spread LOVE. A blessed week one and all. 


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