Saturday, April 16, 2022

The Beach- OOTD

So today was "beach" day for the fambam!

I was laughing when the hubby woke me and let him guess why. He quipped- "I bet you can not decide on what to wear!" -oh boy was he right!

So my considerations were:

  • Will I be swimming?
  • The day's temperature
  • The crowd

First question's answer - NO
Second question's answer- We planned to go early so our skins won't be burnt
Third question's answer- Not too crowded, mostly families

So, I went for my off shoulder, bandana over the waist look. I have several off shoulder blouses but I remember having worn this white one only once and I decided it deserved a photo shoot for today. 

It will be long before I would have the courage to wear a swim suit so I settled for my conservative leggings. I highly doubt the hubby will ever allow me to post in a skimpy swim wear though so, out with that goal 😆

Oh the above piece isn't mine, One of my SILs let me borrow it for awhile. Oh yep for my accessories my all-time fave is my pearl earrings. The blue bangles are my long time besties. I wear them whenever I am out under the sun because they spell FUN! To protect my eyes, those yellow, round rimmed sunglasses did the trick!

SO YES, today was a great beach day! Thank you Lord for rest days. I have been refreshed. 

Tops by Boardwalk Teens - Hashtags
Scarf by Max
Make-up- a retouch by BeautyPlus


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