Friday, April 15, 2022

Banana-Oat Pancake

I love pancakes! 


My borderline high blood sugar levels though has pushed me to look for lower calorie alternatives. I am ecstatic I found the recipe for "banana oats pancake". 

whole grain oats

I used crushed Quaker whole grain rolled oats as flour. 

cooking pan

Excuse the butter, this time I was craving for that sweet, enticing smell of burnt butter so I was generous.

sleeping kitten

One of our kittens seemed to be enjoying the aroma by the kitchen!

oats pancake

Ripe bananas naturally sweetened the cake. I want 'em made crunchy over the pan!

sliced pancakes

And voila! The Letters In November's Banana Oat Pancakes! Its best eaten while watching the sunrise with your favorite morning drink. 

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