Sunday, April 3, 2022

Nuts for coconuts and YOU

WARNING!- the succeeding photos are just about the same faces 😁

So, we had a "Sun-date" today at View Point Grill and Restaurant and shared the grins and laughs below. 

You know, when you've been married for countless years, (ask as randomly and we wouldn't know since it feels like FOREVER) there is no need for words to enjoy the moment. 

For all you know, these scenes could even be scripted yet truly sincere hahaha!

Okay so in all honesty we were betting on who will have to pay for the food 😋.

We both love Coconut so no need to explain.

Yet he still insisted I pay hahahaha. 

In marriage, there are no ifs and buts, just yes and loves. Oh a lot of hates too!

But all conversations lead to "I LOVE YOU". 

-Just another cheesy post brought to you by...


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