Sunday, April 3, 2022

View Point Grill and Restaurant- A Sun-Date

The hubby took me to View Point Grill today.

It's been months of community quarantines and finally the restaurants are opening at full capacities although health protocols are still in place. 

View Point Grill is atop a hill. It is located in Bacsil, San Fernando City, L.U so most of the early customers are bikers. 

It was cloudy this morning and we were greeted by the laughter of bikers having their breakfast. 

Of course on the menu are the usual egg meals perfect with coffee. 

They also serve snacks, lunch and dinner. There's something for both the veggie and meat lovers. 

What I enjoyed the most was seeing flowers and leaves everywhere! 

Purple leaves, long greens and whites! Yiiii my "plantita" heart was singing! 

It did not take long for our orders to arrive.

The hubby had "pancit", sandwich and "halo-halo".

I just ordered for "buko"/coconut juice to quench my thirst. 

Oh, yes another thing I loved was of course the view!

One could see the rest of the city from my vantage point. 

Above is the photo of the stairs that led to where we dined. 

You could also opt to stay on the ground eating areas. 

The terraces are best for sunset watching. 

The fear of getting infected with virus is less since dining is al fresco. 

And there's a lot of sunshine to catch to shoo away a gloomy day. 

There are many "instagrammable" spots! 😆. You bet the hubby was not able to escape my "photo-traps" 😋

So there! Just shared another place to visit in ElYu! In case you are interested, you can find View Point Grill and Restaurant's FB page- "here". 

In case you're wondering about the date with the hubby details you may read 'em by clicking here

-Not a sponsored post but just another happy customer's honest opinion! 😍

I hope you find time to relax and unwind too dear friends and family. As they say "All work and no play makes one dull". And yes, Rest is A Weapon. When we are happy and strong we can be of better service to society. 

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