Sunday, April 3, 2022

Farm Life

There are several things I love about visiting the farm aside from the simplicity of life. Here goes...

Wild flowers, leaves, plants and  pets all around! They make me feel the world is new and there is always HOPE!

Recycling things- plastic bottles used as  hanging pots helps save Mother Earth. 

This one's a "Durian" tree to be.

And she's one of the many playful cats we have! Such beautifully colored eyes she got!

There's the little house in progress. 

She lovingly responds to her name _"Marites".

Originally we planned to pose with one of 'em chickens and a chick but the rest of the gang joined 😍

Now I could not decide which photo to ditch so there I collaged our shots with the pets. 

The sky was gloomy but with green leafy veggies, the mood is always happy. 

Can't wait for our next visit ! 😍


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