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Moving House Made Easy: How to Get the Kids Onboard

You’ve probably moved house before, and swore never to go through the same experience again. If this is your first time moving, you’re going to make this pledge by the end of your move. It’s a stressful and messy situation to be in, and even more so for your children; take advantage of the time before the big move to make it a bit easier on them - as well as yourself.

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To help you along the way, we’ve found the best advice on how to involve the kids and keep your head cool; it’s going to make a big difference.

House-hunting and room-planning

If you’re able to and it’s practical, bring your kids along to view houses. Ask for their opinions and take their thoughts into consideration - at the end of the day, you want to find a place that the whole family is going to enjoy. When you’ve found your new home, and everyone is excited, boost the morale by encouraging them to plan their own rooms.

All children love the thought of personalizing their space and making something their own; turn it into an art project where they can play with colors and different layouts, or simply ask them to make a wish-list of the furniture and bed they would prefer.

No matter how far you’re moving, it’s a sentimental time for everyone, but you can do a lot to distract them from the sadness of closing one door by focusing on the excitement of opening another - the one to your new home.

Organizing the move

You need to decide if you’re willing to hire a professional to move your large furniture or if you are just going to DIY. There are pros and cons to both sides - with Shiply, you’re able to compare prices in order to get the best price, so figure out what is the most cost-effective for your family.

It’s a good idea to ask your kids to make a small box of their most treasured belongings. Stuff might get lost on the way - and it’s a heartbreaking situation for the youngest to settle into her new bedroom without her favorite teddy. The box should be kept in your car as you move so that you’re able to keep track of it.

Saying goodbye

Give them a bit of extra time to say goodbye to their old neighborhood and friends. It depends on how young they are, naturally, but it’s not always easy to foresee how much you’re going to miss something until it’s gone.

Although it’s important to look forward and keep a positive attitude about moving, you don’t want them to think that their feelings are irrelevant. Kids are adaptable and, sure, they’ll find new friends and settle into the new home quickly - but don’t ignore the small signs of sadness they might show.

Throw a small get-together in the garden, spend some time in the local areas they used to love going to and make sure they know that saying goodbye is difficult for you too.

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