Thursday, July 6, 2017

Testing Times: Three Situations Where Children May Need Extra Support

Children are generally resilient and happy go lucky, they adapt to new situations far better than most of us adult do. However, that’s not to say that certain circumstances aren’t tricky for them, and it’s important to guide them through successfully. Otherwise, they're at risk of anxieties and negative thought patterns that could follow them through later in life. Here are three testing situations where children might need some extra support, advice and guidance. 

When You’re Moving House

You might think moving home is stressful enough for you, but for children, it’s even worse. Leaving behind everything they know to go somewhere new and unfamiliar can be incredibly overwhelming- even more so if you’re moving to a new area and they’re going to a new school too. In the weeks leading up to your house move, you might be snappy and irritable due to stress which children will pick up on, and on the day itself if can be quite upsetting for them. If you’re able to, having them looked after for a few days by a trusted friend or relative is the best option. That way they’re away from the stress, you don’t have to worry about looking after them and can tackle what needs to be done more quickly. Once you have their new bedroom set up and everything has calmed down a little, bring them back in and encourage them to get excited about the new place. According to it’s crucial to speak to your children about a move so they know what to expect, planning and getting them involved in some way can be helpful too. Be aware that it can take a little bit of time for children to settle into a new home, so keeping the atmosphere calm and relaxed is always going to be helpful. 

During a Divorce or Separation

A divorce or separation can be an upsetting and confusing time for a child, but if you go about it in the right way it can actually be a positive thing. If things haven’t been right in the relationship for a while, children will have no doubt picked up on the tension. Once it’s over it can be almost like a relief, both you and your partner can focus on being the best parents you can independently instead of wasting your valuable energy on a failing relationship. Specialists like combine law with psychology, making the split as smooth and easy as possible. Being able to deal with it with as little upset as possible is of course beneficial for children.

If They’re Being Bullied

Kids have bullied other kids from the dawn of time, and although there are great anti-bullying campaigns like these days to help protect victims, it does still go on. Often children won’t admit to being bullied, so it’s important to look out for the signs. If you maintain an honest and open relationship with your child, they’re more likely to open up to you when things like this happen. Instead of showing anger (either towards your child or the bully) keep a level head and remain understanding. Bullying can have a huge impact on a child’s life, so it’s crucial to get something done as soon as possible. Your first port of call would be discussing it with the school. If you don’t believe things are being handled correctly, you might need to consider moving schools or even home schooling.

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