Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Night at Ace Hotel and Suites

So, I once again had a restful night at one of the hotels in the city. This time at Ace Hotel and Suites.

The group originally planned to enjoy the water spa but tiredness got the better of us so the bed was our company the whole hotel stay LOL.

The staff was accommodating and checking in was a breeze.

Let me take you to our room.

I loved the homey atmosphere...

and of course the courtesy of the room boys. You can see one was setting up an extra bed, for me the youngest in the group of three ehehehe.

You can see that glass wall right? which gave us a good view of the metro.

That wasn't me but dokie Gretchen, the one who introduced me to Churros in Baguio. Remember?  Here?

The place was just right for our business trip with that chair that reminded us of work sigh! Insert foolish grin.

Complimentary water, that already made our day.

Now let's check out the loo, LOL (pun intended).

Sorry, just to show you the room is superb for freshening one's weary soul.

Shampoo and lotion, and I am in heaven.

Before going to dreamland we checked out the Sky Highbar at the highest floor, obviously.

And I had a blast being bathed in my favorite color LOL.

and yapidiyapyap being "Instagrammy"!

I had fun snoring after....

Now let's have breakfast!

just serve me unlimited fruits for breakfast and I am a good girl the whole day haha!

All I ever eat during breakfast buffet is scrambled egg but that morning was different because they served one of my to die for goodies- simply baked beans haha!

See that smile?

Now there was I, all ready for the next day's activity, all thanks to a good night's sleep at
ACE Hotel and Suites.


~Not a sponsored post, just another happy customer's honest opinion.

Ace Hotel & Suites
United St. Corner Brixton St
Pasig City, Metro Manila 1603

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