Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Love Affair With Churros

Churros Con Chocolate on my IG
Yiiiii!!!!!! My heart skipped a beat after my first bite! That crunchy, munchy, butter-filled perfectly looped and tastefully crafted piece of goody blending with such inviting, just right sweetness of real chocolate melting in my mouth! Heaven! I FELL INLOVE! Right then, right there, just like that. I was in Spain and I felt beauty within.

Haha, ssshhhhh I haven't eaten churros for a long while so please excuse all the childish delight in this post. My "Dulcinea" Churros con Chocolate bridge was a doctor. An adventurous truly beautiful woman I'd say....

Dra. Gretchen at Dulcinea

The Churros was her treat yay! The instant she learned the workshop we'll be attending was to be held at The Chalet (hotel review to follow), she couldn't stop saying the word "Churros". I was so curious what it was about Churros that made her smile oh so sweetly like Monalisa.

kissing ze Churros

Posing with my new found love was oh so fun! Special thanks doc Gretch! 😜


Churros con Earloop

Ze pose above was Dra Gretch inspired 😜 Have I mentioned she's my "selfienspiration" when we're too troubled at work? How we manage stress deserves a whole blog post. Watch out for that hehe.

So I brought home the happiness! Mmmmm half of it actually because I consumed the rest during the workshop break LOL.
Curious enough?- Go check out the best Churros in the city of Baguio- Dulcinea's at the Lobby of Chalet Baguio, Upper Military Cut Off Road.
~not a sponsored post just another happy customer's honest opinion~


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