Thursday, January 12, 2017

It's Not Just Your Big Day - It's Theirs Too!

When it comes to weddings, there is nobody more excited than the bride – that is, unless you have little girls as part of the party. Imagine their excitement on the build up to your big day and then times it by a thousand, and you’re pretty close. For many kids, it is their first time taking on a big role; they have been given a special position to fill, and boy are they overjoyed to do it!
Upon planning your big day, you need to take into consideration the needs of the children involved. Will they be entertained? Will they be well-behaved? Is there enough for them to do?
Here are some quick tips to make that, when you’re getting hitched, the day goes without a hitch…

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Make them feel special
It doesn’t take a genius to work out that most children love being the centre of attention. If they are playing a part in your wedding, such as a flower girl or bridesmaid, make them look the part; it is all one big performance to them. Consider checking out some amazing Flower Girl Dresses and let them help you with some input on your decision. They might surprise you with what they say – sometimes in a good way!

Be creative
Flower girls are meant to throw petals, bridesmaids are meant to carry bouquets. That’s the standard, right? Although that is the tradition that many have adopted, there seems to be more and more innovative things happening in regards to what the flower girls do. Have a pet in the family? Why not have them carry down a stuffed toy representing them? Love flowers but want something a bit more creative? Why not put the petals inside a clear balloon and have them carry that down? The world is your oyster and the smaller members of your wedding party will only be too happy to oblige you.

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Keep Them Guessing
The one thing you don’t want during your speeches, first dance or even a quick trip to the toilet is somebody interrupting you. Forget the sugared almonds - a wedding gift bag is the ultimate new favour for children. Pack them full of small games (you could even set up a treasure hunt around the venue), include some colouring-in packs, bubbles to blow, wordsearches, whatever takes your fancy – just make sure there’s enough to keep their attention for as long as you need them entertained. Make sure that the bag is packed enough so that they don’t know when it’s going to end – it doesn’t even need to be expensive, and you could definitely put your DIY skills to the test. You could print off origami instructions and include different sizes of paper. It really is that simple!

So there you have it – follow these quick handy tips and your day should go smoothly. It is always worth remembering that children are unpredictable little things, so anything going off-piste is completely to be expected with them. But it’s always nice to know that you’ve organised it to the best of your ability; after all, it is their special day too.

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