Thursday, January 12, 2017

So How Did I Get To Fit In A Dress?

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Oh well, it is no secret! I have been watching what I eat plus have been moving physically! My day starts with a hearty breakfast- two tomatoes, several red onions; fish or boiled egg or veggies; half cup of rice and a fruit plus a glass and a half of  lemonade.

My lunch would be the whole oats I cooked with milk in the morning with fruits, fish or veggies or meat in small servings plus a glass of water.

For dinner I'd eat veggies with fish or meat minus the rice. Sometimes I just have a bowl of fruit and a glass of warm milk.

I have not been snacking on sweets, the artificial ones I mean. I have completely ditched soda and ice cream is for my cheat days only. I eat a slice of cake on rare occasions.

The downside is people, even the ones closest to me would call me weird! I really wish I'd get even just one of them to join me in my healthy quest so I wouldn't look foolish LOL.

Anyway I am enjoying being able to find dresses that fit me in a flash! Unlike before when I was huge!

I'd share more tips on losing weight next time!

                                                                 ~ KULASA

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