Tuesday, November 29, 2016

6 DIY Wedding Ideas


If you've got a wedding coming up and are short on cash, or you're just feeling creative, here are some of the 6 best DIY wedding ideas.

Mason jar cocktails

These are so simple to make!
*First, decide on what cocktail you want to go for.
*Get your mason jars, you can either use ones that you've kept from things like jam. Or you can buy them online.
*Then make a big batch of whatever cocktail you have decided on and store it in the fridge.
*Bring it out whenever you need to and fill the jars up.
You can even decorate the jars if you're feeling extra creative. Or even try making the cocktail the same colour that matches your wedding theme!

Floral table centerpieces

*Take a plant pot or something with a similar form.
*Get a sponge, (any kind) or polystyrene and make a few holes where you want to add the flowers.
*Cut the flowers down to the appropriate size.
*Slide them into the holes you put in the sponge/polystyrene.
And there you have a beautiful floral centerpiece! If you want more detail, add ribbon.

Paper lantern columns

*Buy yourself a bamboo stick or something solid around 6 foot (or whatever size you'd like.)
*Put the pole into the ground and make sure it's sturdy.
*Stack the paper lanterns over the stick.
*You can then use tape to secure the lanterns together to be sure they won't come apart; then light them up. This is a stunning idea that gives you a classic touch (that's affordable!)

Polaroid photo booth

This idea is very simple; you can either buy a photo frame or make your own with card and paints.
Then get your hands on a polaroid camera, (there are a lot of cheap cameras you can buy, they don't have to be anything professional.)
Then ask someone to take your photo, pick up the frame and smile!
That's literally all you need! Put these things somewhere on your special day and let your guests know. By the end of the night, you will have instant memories everywhere.

Save the date invitations

You should do this well in advance otherwise no one will be at your wedding! You can make these by hand and decorate them with glitter, bows and ribbon, but depending on how many guests you want, this could be very time-consuming.
Another idea is doing it online! Nowadays there are sites that help you create your own save the date wedding invites; you choose the colour scheme, theme and style and once you're happy with the invitation you can order as many as you want!

Paper cone confetti tossers

*Take a piece of paper (decorated however you wish).
*Start from the corner and roll into a cone shape, then staple it in place.
*At the opening there will be a flap of paper, this is what you will stick down to hold the confetti inside so don't seal it yet.
*Choose whatever confetti you will be using and fill the cone.
*Seal it shut with tape and voila! You can use stickers and any other pretty things you find to stick on the seal to give it that extra special touch.

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