Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Small Wedding Details That Make a Big Difference


When you're planning your wedding, you can be so focused on the big details that you don't have time for the little things. You're so consumed by organizing the venue for both the ceremony and after-party, choosing a dress and drawing up a guest list. Finer details get left by the wayside. You rush over things like your bridal accessories and stationery in the excitement of getting to the main event. But these little things can be the icing on the cake, adding the perfect final touch to a special day. So here are some small details that you shouldn't skip over for your wedding day.

The Bride's Nails

The dress is obviously the most important thing about the bride's outfit on the big day. Then her hair, shoes, makeup, flowers and jewelry. But don't underestimate the importance of the bride's nails when it's time to test makeup. If you choose to have a bouquet, your hands will be on display as you walk up the aisle. Then of course there's the big moment, when everyone's eyes will be on the ring sliding onto your finger. There are tonnes of ideas for bridal nail art out there, from a simple coat of pale pink to more glittery affairs.

The Groom's Cufflinks

The groom's cufflinks are another little detail that you shouldn't overlook. Like the brides nails, his wrists are going to be on display when it's time to exchange rings. You don't want the big moment to be ruined by a pair of novelty cufflinks because it was the only pair he could find at the last minute. Make sure they fit with the rest of his outfit. There are lots of pairs engraved with "groom" in case he needs a reminder!

Wedding Stationery

Wedding stationery is a big deal - you won't realise how much paper and card you use until you start shopping around for designs. You'll need invitations, cards for the tables at the reception, menu cards and "thank you" cards. You could choose to do some of these digitally, to cut down on costs and be a bit more environmentally friendly. However, it's nice to have some traditional wedding card designs that you can hold. Your wedding stationery should fit in with the colours and design of the rest of your wedding.

Table Favours

The main things to sort out for the wedding reception are the venue, food and music. But when it comes to decorating the tables, you might want to give your guests a little something extra. Wedding favours are a sweet thing to provide, and they should flow with the design of your table settings. Your guests will appreciate this small thought.

Don't stress over the small details too much. They're great as a final perfect touch, but don't spend hours planning the little things, when you could be concentrating on the big things.

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