Wednesday, August 13, 2014

5 Reasons I Am Proud Of My Race

1. My skin color is a stand-out.
I have always been and will always be proud of my morena hue. While other women are wishing to have lighter skin color I have no plan of taking in anything that will change my complexion. The higher concentration of melanin in my skin protects me from harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and gives me a lesser risk of suffering from skin cancer. I remember being ridiculed during my childhood and teen-age years for being a bit dark-skinned, I didn't care. I had fun playing under the sun and I still do! 

2. I have hard-working ancestors.
My grandparents and great great grandparents were hard workers. They'd wake up very early in the morning to toil in the farm and go to sleep at night having made sure there'd be food on the table the next day and the days to come. 

3. We are prayerful and always hopeful.
In the midst of all the crisis that beset our country you will always find people smiling sweetly in a corner saying God is merciful.

4. When we love, we love to the ends of the world.
Our love for family and friends and even strangers manifested by our hospitable trait is something that makes me always long for that place called home sweet HOME Philippines. 

5. We are not perfect but we never give up trying to improve ourselves.
As a nation I still believe one day we will get through all these mess caused by corruption and greed. It all starts with every individual doing his best to uplift himself and his fellowmen. Let's do our part. We can do this because Ours is a uniquely beautiful race! 

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  1. I'm so proud of being a Filipino!

  2. that's a very lovely lady there :) I love morena skin, and I worked to get it since young, since like you, I was ridiculed too when I was young, but it was because I had a very fair skin, which was then described as color of "lampa"!

  3. proud fellow morena here! love, love, love this post! keep 'em coming! :)


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