Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How To Keep Your Wife Happy

My favorite "tinapang Bangus" and stir fried Broccoli prepared by the hubby

I am no expert when it comes to marital thingy but here's how the hubby undeniably keeps me happy...and how others could also make their wives always smiling: )

1. Help In Household Chores

I am a spoiled wifey.  The hubby is ever supportive of my undertakings and is sweet enough to prepare me my favorite meals while I read my notes for a presentation and rest.

Yes he could do the laundry, shopping for the kitchen and house cleaning as well as kiddo managing.

2. Be Prayerful 

Of course ours isn't a perfect marriage. We have our own share of flaws when it comes to our relationship. Our love for each other and our kids and our faith in the Almighty bonds us happily together.

3. Remain Sweet and Thoughtful

He also manages to give me flowers on special occassions no matter how corny he finds the gesture to be. His efforts are of course equally compensated. Ask me how in private he he he.

4. Manage Your Finances Well

The hubby and I are combining our energies to keep our kids well taken cared of. Their health,education and spiritual upbringing are our prime concerns. The hubby is also a very generous man and has a huge heart for helping others. His life is an inspiring success story and I am proud to be the woman beside him through the years.

5. Keep Yourself Healthy

The hubby has to exert extra effort in eliminating his bulging tummy LOL but for now I can see him struggling and that is good enough, at least at the moment when I too am still a bit chubby. Wish us luck in achieving our ideal body weights to lead a long happy life. 

5. Be Faithful....

Period. No explanation needed I guess.

‎"Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years." ~Simone Signoret



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  1. Yes! It's no brainer that the secret to a happy marriage is to make the wife happy. That's what Mikey says - when Ruthi is happy, everybody is happy! Miss you Sistah.


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