Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Solar LED Road Stud

Solar LED road stud is used solar panels as components to charge, whose battery or capacitor is the energy storage components, using led to light or combining passive light. Its visual effect is better than the conventional spike. In toptrafficsafty, solar LED road stud can be divided into solar spike (battery), solar spike (capacitance) according to the different energy storage element.

Because of the different led color and voltage, solar spike can be divided into two categories: 1, Red and yellow; 2, white, blue, green, etc.

Tunnel active spike is a kind of a traffic safety facilities ,more advanced than solar spike, used the solar panels or alternating current as the input source, which is intensively control a spike through controller, blinking or long bright at the same time. The effect is more obvious than solar energy spike. There is a wire connection between each spike. Usually each group controller can control the diameter about 1000 meters.

Intelligent wireless spike sent wireless signal by the controller. The spike, as the signal emitted, works according to the received signal, no wire connection between spike, and construction is convenient. The sending and receiving of wireless signal interference is difficult. Spike technology is also in constant developing.

With the wide application of the spike in domestic high grade highway and municipal road, the service life and the quality of the spike have got more attention. And in the process of practical application, spike damage and the service life reduced are often happen due to installation problems. We have summed up some problems in installation process based on years of construction experience, and put forward the reasonable installation methods, hoping to discuss with colleagues in transportation industry.

The resistance of reflectors shock is poor .Protuberant on the market at present is that the reflector is not impacted the resistance, more than 80% of the products have above problem, because of the lack of technology, most of the reflector is welded on the shell with ultrasonic, The reflectors hit will be off or crack. When it rains, it will have no brightness.

Test method: impact test should be carried out on the spike reflector. Extracting whiteboard, 1 kg steel ball will be free fall, vertical impacts surface of reflector, then into the water covered, the next to measure brightness. If the reflector is not into water, the brightness is not dark.

The shell is not compressive. Compression standard of transport spike is greater than 16 tons, in fact compressive strength value of most of the spike is not up to standard.

Reflectors brightness damp quickly. Road is filled with sand, in the north of the tire, sand will often wear reflective surface, the simple plastic LED road stud reflectors is no resistance to friction, and not three months, 50% brightness will decay, losing the reflective effect, which could be solved through adding transparent wear-resisting layer on the surface.

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