Friday, January 13, 2017

Forever In Love With Blue

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The photo above was taken around two months ago. It reminds me I have so many travel tales I have not yet talked about. No time- blah blah. I always remind myself to capture moments I'd like to relive and post them on social media so I could delete them from my phone saving memory, the literal one. It seems life has become truly more complicated these days. The word memory is no longer just for the brain. It also refers to those saved in gadgets. Arrgghhhh amazingly, surprisingly rather I seem to have been healed of my "itch to click". I no longer chase butterflies and bugs with my digi-cam or DSLR. I have completely lost time! Work has eaten most of my productive days. I am happy though because I am in a job that saves lives, literally and figuratively. Oh well, and yes I am still in law school. In fact tomorrow I have a class so it is no Thank God It Is Friday for me. Rejoicing for the weekend will be at twelve noon tomorrow after my class. Having said that I will park this note and say though I have ceased chasing blues and sunsets, everything is hidden in a very special place here inside my heart.


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