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Looking For Some Peace And Quiet? You Need A Stylish She-Shed!

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Ever desired an exclusive, cozy and gorgeously decorated hideaway where you can curl up with a good book, enjoy sketching in solitude or a private room in which to invite friends over for a cup of coffee and a good natter? Forget the man cave it’s now all about the She-Shed, quiet, comfortable spaces where women can go to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, host a gathering without any children interrupting or their husbands coming in with questions.

What Are They?

She-Sheds are ideal environments for women who need some extra space for their sewing, art or dance projects. They can also  provide a relaxed, laid back atmosphere for painters, writers, and even cake bakers if you install the right equipment first. Ladies who have become fed up with their partner’s or husband’s insistence on having his own space or simply crave somewhere to reflect on the day’s events are turning, in their droves, to She-Sheds. Either constructing their own DIY shed from scratch or purchasing a large, multipurpose shed from companies and swearing by my outdoor storage shed from superior sheds due to their expansive designs, elegantly stained wood and durable finish.

She-Sheds come in all shapes and sizes; some even have little porches, verandas, and stairs attached while others have been converted into craft rooms, mini conservatories, and 50’s style American diners! Ladies who own a She-Shed have shown other women how they can transform their standard potting and garden sheds into beautiful, feminine secure spaces. There are even walkthroughs and tutorials available online on how to create your own in ten easy steps!

Where Do I Put It?

The short answer to this question is anywhere you like really! Depending on the style and design of your She-Shed it may fit better in the corner of the garden, or be facing south where it’ll be able to soak up as much warmth from the sun as possible. If you’re putting anything valuable such as expensive silks, jewelry or even books into the shed make sure you have proper conservatory style wooden, or glass doors fitted. These will also need to be padlocked securely as the last thing you want once you’ve completed your beautiful, unique She-Shed is to have items stolen or the shed itself broken into.  

Any Decorating Tips?

With a She-Shed women have the freedom to create whatever style they like as the shed itself is a large, versatile space that with the right construction can be spectacular. A unique conservatory style library would be perfect for bookworms who love nothing more than delving into the pages of their latest novel. Lovers of arts and crafts would be thrilled with an all purpose craft room with plenty of space for needles, threads, patterns,material, and their sewing machine. Plus you can have a little kitchenette installed  so you can brew yourself a lovely cuppa without having to go back into the house! Why not infuse exotic radiance into your garden by creating a Japanese, or Chinese inspired pagoda style building? Finish your design with bamboo screen doors, rich red furnishings and golden patterned lanterns.

Flickr Photo By: Lee James Harrison

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