Thursday, December 8, 2016

Why Your Health Is Not Just About What You Eat


Have you ever wondered how some people can seemingly eat whatever they like without gaining any weight as much as they would love to, and then others seem like they only have to look at some food and before they know it, they’ve gained a few extra pounds?

It’s not fair, right?

The thing is, we’re constantly told that diet is so important in regards to our weight and health in general.

Whilst it certainly is one of the most important lifestyle factors, it can be frustrating and actually pretty misleading for this information to be given to the people in the examples above as the only factor in why they either can or cannot lose or gain weight.

People will try as hard as they can following fad diets, and on some ends of the extreme, they starve themselves or eat foods that make them feel ill because they’re led to believe that diet is the main reason for their weight issues, then as they’re not seeing results, they get frustrated and either give up or move on to the next fad diet hoping for a miracle.

There are so many things that can dictate, not only our weight, but our health in general, too. Below I’ve listed a few of them, so if you’re struggling with either of the above issues, then please know that you’re not alone, there’s nothing wrong with you for not being able to achieve the health goals that you desire, but it just simply means there could be other factors at play, and you may need a different type of solution.


Our genes play such a huge role in our general health, that even modern science still hasn’t fully worked out just how much of an impact they have on us. If you’re struggling to lose or gain weight, or even if you just feel constantly tired, sluggish and not quite right, but you’ve had tests rule out anything serious, then maybe it’s time to consider that there may be an underlying genetic issue that no amount eating right will put right until the root cause of the issue is addressed. If this is something you’re curious about, then you can speak to your doctor about genetic testing.


The thyroid, although not really something most people are too familiar with, plays a very important role in our health - especially when it comes to controlling our weight. It’s definitely advised to speak to your doctor about this, because thyroid issues are quite easy to fix and once they are, many people actually see significant improvement with weight issues. Although there may not be a major thyroid issue at play, things like an overactive thyroid can result in difficulty gaining weight, whereas an underactive thyroid can result in the opposite, leading to a lot of frustration for many people. The thyroid can also be responsible for our energy levels, which in turn can affect us in many other ways, including lack of interest in exercise, so it’s definitely a good idea to get this checked out to see if it may be the cause of general fatigue, health problems, or weight issues.


Certain serious illnesses and even their treatments can cause major weight problems and just general feelings of sickness and lethargy. Certain cancers, for example, require ongoing treatment with steroids, and these can cause fast weight gain that’s difficult to lose. Diabetes is another illness that can cause weight gain, and this is actually more common before are diagnosed with diabetes. Before going and trying any new trendy diet or diagnosing yourself as lazy, then it’s much more important that you seek the correct medical advice from a professional, and not fall into the rabbit hole of symptom checking on the internet.

Smoking & Drinking:

Although we all know by now that consuming large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis, and certainly smoking cigarettes is extremely bad for our health, many people seem to overlook the impact these can have on our weight. If you’ve ever met someone who has quit smoking say that they suddenly gained more weight than ever, then the reason for this is because smoking suppresses the appetite, so as soon as they quit, they start wanting to eat everything in sight. A lot of this also has to do with the habit of doing something with their hands, but ultimately the result is the same. Alcohol on the other hand causes weight gain in certain people. If you’ve ever heard the term “beer belly”, then that’s exactly where that comes from.

These above tips are not intended to replace any kind of medical advice you should get from your doctor or a relevant professional, but are purely to highlight that there may be more to your health and weight issues than simply what you eat each day.

The point is: different things work for different people, and that’s what makes it tricky to say that there’s only one reason you either can or cannot control your weight. Weight loss pills and supplements, for example, may not be the solution for everyone, but for others they swear by them. If you are considering trying pills like orlistat for weight loss, then make sure you get it from a genuine pharmacy.

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