Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Great Switch To Healthy Eating

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I've been ranting about weight loss and healthy eating for many years here in TLIN. I honestly have been struggling to live what I preach. Not until I had dizzy spells! Soda was too hard to break up with. But I did it again! I've been soda free for more than six months now! Yet I still had a problem with my sugar intake. I am a dessert monster! Well, used to be! I am now choosy with the sweets I take in and I am so proud! haha- no more ice cream, loads of it and cake. I can now manage to just have one tiny bit of icing touching my lips to be satisfied. Tomatoes, onions, green leafy veggies they are now my great loves! Congratulate me!!!! hehe Below is my latest photo in a tiny black dress haha. I never really thought I'd lose those unsightly bulges but I did. Still have a lot of healthy eating and exercising to do but I wanna grow old strong so the challenge is accepted! Join me!

A photo posted by thelettersinnovember (@zenskulasa) on
Story about the outfit above to follow soon!

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