Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Futuristic Pieces Of Technology That Will Transform Your Home!

What did you think your home would be like in 2016? It was only a few years ago that most of us had a pretty warped idea of what the future had to hold for us all. Pre-millennium, most people seemed to think that it would only be a matter of years before humans had emigrated to Mars, and that we would all be driving flying cars! Obviously, the reality is pretty different to that. But, the advances we have seen in technology are very impressive nonetheless (even without any flying cars). In fact, most of us wonder how we would now survive without all the technology that surrounds of - and this is even more true for the younger generation.

However, did you ever stop to think that you might not be using modern technology to its full advantage? Tech is a complex and confusing world, and this is what puts a lot of people off investing in things that they are not already familiar with. But give it a chance - modern technology is actually a lot more simple than you think and can seamlessly integrate into your life. In fact, it can even enhance it in ways you didn't know were possible. If you are considering upping your tech game but don't really know where to begin, it's advisable to start in your own home. Most of us working moms don't have a great deal of time on our hands, so running the home efficiently can become a bit of a chore. Take a look at these amazing pieces of technology which can make your life at home a lot easier!

A timing coffee machine

Can't start the day until you've had your morning coffee? You are not alone. In fact, it is estimated that around 83% of people in America drink coffee on a regular basis, spending around $1,000 a year just in coffee shops! So, with that in mind, you've probably already ditched your daily Starbucks in favour of making your own mug of coffee at home (or putting it in a flask to take with you on-the-go). But what if you go one step further and can have your coffee waiting for you as you come down for breakfast in the morning? For any busy mom who needs to make the most of every waking moment, this can be a lifesaver. Simply set the timer before you go to bed, along with the type of coffee you want and how strong you would like it to be. Go to bed, and then voila! A beautiful hot cup of coffee all ready for you in the morning.

A fridge that protects your food

One of the main problems many of us have with feeding our families is struggling with food that always goes off. It's all very well buying fresh fruit and vegetables in an effort to stay fit and well. But when it's only been a few days and the veg is already looking a bit worse for wear, it can be really disappointing and annoying. This is where the smart fridge comes in. They are not cheap at all - but if you regularly waste money due to wasting food, it could be a worthwhile investment. Smart fridges can tell you when your food is going past its sell-by date and when you need to stock up. It can also let you know when you are low on various supplies (so you'll know if your husband has stolen that last beer!) and even offers recipe inspiration via the screen on the front of the fridge.

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Smart home security

It wasn't so many years ago that the most advanced home security method people could think of was double locking your doors. These days, people are much more vigilant when it comes to their homes. The items we have in our properties can amount to a lot of money and therefore, many homes are a popular target for burglars and thieves. There are plenty of different ways you can help to protect your home from any break ins - from old-school double door locking, to not leaving any valuables on display. But the most important piece of modern technology you need to take advantage of is the home security system. Studies show that homes with cameras outside, or homes that have an alarm system are much less likely to be targeted by burglars. There are plenty of different systems to choose depending on your needs. But in order to control your home in real-time, it may be worth going for a hi-tech security system such as the vivint security system. These types of systems allow you to control your home from your phone, on-the-go. So, even when you're not at home, you've got peace of mind that your property is still secure.

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Smart home energy

In a similar manner to controlling your home's security system via a phone, many energy companies are now also branching out into smart technology. A common problem that this kind of technology solves is coming home to a freezing cold house in winter, or after a holiday when your house has been vacant for a few weeks. Replacing your programmable thermostat with a smart one not only means you can control your property remotely, it also saves you money. Use it via an app on your phone, so you can set the temperature so it's perfect the minute you walk in the door. You may be concerned about the initial price of a smart thermostat - and they can be quite expensive. But, because you are not just having your heating on all the time in order to feel the benefit, you will actually make back your money in energy savings anyway. Plus, smart energy doesn't just stop at heating. Worried that you've left your lights on whilst you're away for the week? Simply check via your cell phone. If your hunch was right, you'll be able to turn them off one by one as your electrics are tied into your smart energy package. The future is definitely here when it comes to our homes, so why not try some of these amazing pieces of tech and see if they make your life easier?  

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