Monday, October 3, 2016

Healthy- Is The Way To Go!

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I am a tomato lover! I am soon to call myself tomato woman LOL. There are so many health benefits one could gain from munching those orange pulpy goodies! They are rich in Vitamin C, fiber and Cancer-fighting powers. They also make one's skin glow! I also love onions! The violet ones are my favorite! I love the spicy, breezy feel on my mouth when they crunch as I bite. Oh carrots! carrots are a joy to eat too! They are slightly sweet and just the thought of swallowing them with that ultra rich orange color imbibes positive vibes. Hmmm I am not much of a jalapeno fan but I do love them once in a while when they are not too evil LOL.

Yep, I cooked yesterday. I mixed those in a pan lined with good cholesterol (lie LOL) and added beef. Yum!

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