Sunday, October 9, 2016

Dressing Up To Look Young

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Ah oh, okay, I turned forty last year. In a few days I will be forty one! Wow, sigh, I think and I hope at the age of forty my looks will have been preserved so all I have to do is maintain it. I have learned in the past months that it is best to keep one's weight in the normal level. Not for any other reason but simply for health reasons. Having lost weight had made my mood gay. I no longer have to struggle to find my size in stores! My skin needs to be pampered though. I have not ever tried to go for a facial in this lifetime haha! Maybe one of these days I finally will. I do the following though to keep looking fresh like I think I do in the IG photo above :)

1. I Choose Trendy Clothes 

Those that make me look sane and not trying hard though. I don't reveal a lot of skin because as I have said above my skin is awful LOL besides the hubby won't approve of my cleavage being publicly exposed haha.

2. I Capitalize On Bubbly Colors

I used to hate loud hues. Red and pink were a no-no for me. As I got older I realized those bright colors actually boosted my mood! And I am no longer too afraid to attract attention- who cares, for as long as you feel good baby!

3. I Keep Wearing A Smile

Who would want to talk to someone who is always frowning and whining? No one would ever appreciate your looks that way. I smile, not because I am always happy. I smile because I know someone above woke me up. I smile every morning because there are so many people out there suffering yet here I am, healthy and have many things to share.

4. I Have My Own Style

I'd love to think of myself as fashionable haha! Who wouldn't? I am a freak for unique earrings and those accessories that match outfits! What I still have to learn is putting on make up- the real thing LOL. I have just recently learned to draw my eyebrows haha! That took me one year to learn eh? Which reminds me to buy myself some eye shadows and some moisturizer for my aging face. I experiment on my looks, all the time. I will soon buy dresses! I have been a pants woman for so long because it hid my bulgy parts but yay I could finally wear a dress and not be asked whether I am preggy LOL!

MORE TIPS NEXT TIME- Wait for my photo in a dress SOON!

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