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Granting you are a loyal follower of TLIN, i doubt whether there's any of you out there acutally reading this blog still , you'd remember my promise to share my first photo in a dress in my previous post.

So here it is! It was taken in one of the hotels we stayed in last week. I attended an event that required a business attire so, there I was  haha feeling like a princess, hardly looking like one (humility check). I had to wear stockings because I anticipated the chilly feel of the convention hall. It was a good thing I brought a topper which served as my shield when the room turned icy. Bummer though, I sort of had a Cinderella moment walking back to our room after breakfast! Lesson learned, when you are in a dress, feel and walk like a queen even when you don't actually look like one haha!

More of me in a dress soon!

P.S. My birthday is just around the corner weeee!!! Now, accepting gifts LOL....Seriously, just take care everyone. Peace on Earth, that is my one great wish.

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