Friday, October 28, 2016

Yes, I Do Have A Blog And You Are Welcome To Browse

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I haven't really been sharing this site for sometime. I didn't have the inspiration to write from the heart. Work is hectic and I am studying blah blah blah. The excuses are innumerable. Truth is, the itch has somehow gone. The itch to click and to write. Writers block, yah that's what it's called haha. Anyway, yes I do have a blog. No one asked actually, just saying LOL.

There was a time in my life when I yearned to express my thoughts freely every single day before going to sleep. Then came social media and that longing to keep my feelings free flowing on a blogging platform just slipped away. I am turning "one" in a few days. One I say because my life began at forty last year. So I will be a year old on All Saint's Day yay! Do I feel old? Yes and no. Yes because the responsibilities at work and family are piling up faster than I could keep up. No because deep in my heart I am still a child. Mom still considers me a baby and I embrace that fully! So, what has life taught me so far?

Life is Beautiful.

That has been my mantra for ages. Yes there are challenges, yes there are sorrows and pain but simply being ALIVE is a gift beyond compare. 

Life Goes On.

When we are hurt, when we fall, when we fail we can always choose to FIGHT and to NEVER SURRENDER.

Love, Conquers All.

I am talking about TRUE LOVE, the one which is patient and kind....

Want Happiness? Be A Blessing.

Many people keep searching for happiness. Truth is it's just a matter of recognizing our blessings and sharing 'em.

It is okay to Be Angry,

What isn't good is holding on to that anger and letting it consume you. Breathe in, breathe out and acknowledge that no one is perfect but we can always choose TO FORGIVE.

Prayer Works, All The Time.

I pray when I am upset. I pray when I am happy. I pray when I am worried and most of all, I pray simply to speak to the ONE ABOVE.

Family is Everything.

We may lose all else in life but our Families will always be there for us and they truly are EVERYTHING. 

So there, I hope I have somehow inspired you. I am running out of thoughts again haha. Maybe next time I could write more. For now, I wish you all a fabulous weekend! Have fun remembering loved ones who have gone...

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