Monday, October 3, 2016

How To Deal With Annoying People

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I have a sweet, understanding side but I also have an evil side. I think everyone does. Id, Ego, Super-ego- they fight inside of us ALL THE TIME. Today I am faced with a situation wherein I could either insult a person or answer her in the most divine way possible. I am choosing to rant about it and perhaps I would make the best decision after.

It is difficult to change people.

That's a sad fact of life. One's personality is formed starting from the womb. Then as the person moves out into the huge world, so many factors come into play. Experiences, relationships, goals and frustrations not to mention health issues could all play a part. So, once a person is mean, and I mean really mean, it could take a lifetime to change 'em.

There's a chance, they could be changed.

Okay, the good news is, it could be DONE! Nothing is impossible with God, I do believe. And yes, people can change for the BETTER. One just needs, patience, love and compassion. In the end, when they remain the same, it would be enough that one did his or her BEST.

Keep Smiling.

No matter how arrogant, how truly disgusting a person's character is, SMILE at them. They could just be going through some really ROUGH time. Spread the GOOD VIBES

Haha, there you go. I have unburdened my negative feelings. Whew, blogging really does the trick eh? 

Do I look annoying in the photo above? That's my not so angelic side.

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