Monday, December 5, 2016

Wear And Tear: Areas Of Your Home That Need A Little More TLC

There are certain areas of our home that are more prone to wear and tear. Having to go through and replace (or at least refresh) these areas every few years can be a disconcerting experience, especially if you have other projects you would rather spend the time and money on. Rather than repeating the same home improvement steps over and over again, is there anything you can do to make certain items and areas last longer?
Problem Area: Cupboards and Drawers
Why Do They Wear Out So Fast? The problem here is one of use. When we overuse a particular joint in our bodies, we have a tendency to develop RSI. As cupboards and drawers are so frequently used, they soon sustain the furniture version of RSI - damage caused by repeated use.

What Can You Do About It? Trying to ensuring drawers and cupboards close as softly as possible is paramount. This means the mechanism for closure will remain in good condition, and there won't be chipping or other damage from too-fast closures. Soft close drawer runners are a good solution; also ensure you check the hinges regularly. If they're feeling stiff, then a light oil application might be required.

Problem Area: Hall Carpet
Why Do They Wear Out So Fast? We rarely spend a lot of time in our hallways; they are transitional areas, taking us between the rooms we want to be in. As a result, they see the heaviest traffic in our home.
What Can You Do About It? Removing your shoes indoors will make a big difference, as high heels and work boots will damage an already vulnerable carpet all the quicker. It's also important to choose the right flooring for the job; the hall carpet needs to be the most expensive in your home, and rated for heavy traffic. You can also try brushing the carpet as often as possible, while rugs can add an extra layer of protection.

Problem Area: Shower Curtains and Screens
Why Do They Wear Out So Fast? Daily use, potentially from every member of your family, is the cause of the problem. It's all the worse if you live in an area with hard water. Mineral deposits can make once crystal-clear screens appear blotchy and damage the seal, stopping them from being watertight.
What Can You Do About It? Use a shower head filter to remove the worst problems caused by hard water. Also use some sort of pressure washer for the occasional cleaning. Wiping down shower curtains and screens can only be so effective; they have too many small areas for bacteria and deposits to congregate. Using a high-pressure washer can ensure everything is blasted out of the way, meaning it doesn't have a chance to build up.

So rather than go through the same process of replacing the above items, invest a little more in making your existing ones go further. With careful use and preventative action, you can double their lifespan.

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