Thursday, March 10, 2016

How To Organize Your Life This Year

Do you ever wish you were more organized? Is your to-do list six pages long, and never gets done? Yep, sounds familiar! This year, I’ve decided to make a change, and organize my life. In this post, I’ll share some of the ideas that have worked for me along the way. With an organized life, I am more productive, and happier each and every day. It gives you a feeling of control, and a sense that you’re making progress. So, where do begin, dear readers? Let’s start with the simplest ideas first.

Write lists (and stick to them!)

Most of us feel haphazard and unorganized when we have hundreds of thoughts floating around our head. The trick is to get them out, and onto paper. It helps you organize and prioritize your ideas, thoughts, and jobs. A to-do list is always handy, but make sure you use it well. Divide it up into categories. For instance, keep a daily to-do list that you must complete before the end of the day. Keep a separate to-do list for the bigger, long-term jobs. As for sticking to them, try to blast through the smallest and easiest tasks first.

Buy a calendar

A calendar is a simple and easy way to organize your life. With so many events in my life, it’s hard to keep track. Take a look at these 2016 diaries, and keep your life in order. You can keep track of your work-day, and make a note of any upcoming events. I also like to leave myself reminders a week in advance of bigger appointments or deadlines. Ideally, you should also have a digital calendar that syncs up to your phone and computer. That will certainly keep you organized at all times!

Keep the home tidy

A tidy home equals a tidy mind. At least, I always like to think so. When the house is clean and tidy, we can think a little more clearly. It’s another thing ticked off the to-do list, and there are no more distractions in the house. If you work from home, it’s essential that your desk is nice and clear, ready for the next day. Try to develop good habits, like tidying every room as you leave it. Don’t let things build up, because it only gets worse!

Do one thing at a time

A lot of us like to think we can multi-task. The truth is, you can’t! It’s scientifically impossible, and it only leads to more distraction. Whatever you’re balancing in life, break them up into manageable parts. Focus on just one thing at a time, and do it well. If you’ve got a couple of projects going on in the office, don’t work on both at the same time. Do one, finish it, then move onto the next. You can take the same approach at home. Focus on just one task, then move onto the next. It gives you a sense of order, priority, and you’ll get things done faster.

These are simple changes, but they’re very effective. Try them yourself, and watch your life improve!

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