My Journey in 2016

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You probably miss my long personal posts, that is if you are one of those who truly love this soul. Well, sigh I am still busy as busy can be so I guess no time to rant just yet. Anyway I still can say that I am too blessed to be stressed.

Check out my TO DO list above and you'll see what I mean. This year is my first being officially forty! So far, so good. There are things I am set to fulfill this 2016 and here goes the list:

  • Continue with my LAW  School- I finished two semesters already so that leaves barely six more LOL.
  • Pursue my HEALTH goals, I suck at this one :D
  • Blog more- hurray!
  • Be the best MOM in the universe- I need more time :D All the time in the universe.
  • And many more my brain could not recall this very moment.
Sigh, LIFE IS TOO BEAUTIFUL to waste so am just gonna live each day one at a time, one step at a time......

For now, I park my pen and say "No worries, God always takes over when the going gets rough."

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