Friday, February 19, 2016

My Valentine Date

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A day before Heart's Day I went out to watch a movie with the kiddos. We were supposed to fetch the college boy and the high school boy fell asleep on the coach waiting for me to put on my new shoes.

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What's fun having teen-age kids is that I get to dress up their age LOL.

See what I mean?

I got the shirt from their fave store- "Oxygen"/ CUR?OSITEE and the shoes "Keds" is also their influence; the pink socks with fish bone design is from PENSHOPPE and the pants is by FREEGO. The bag which perfectly suits running after them in the mall was made by KIPLING.

We popped some fries into our mouths and viewed "Deadpool". There were some scenes not suitable for very young audiences so I am glad I was with them. It was hilarious at the same time entertaining and I love the fusion of modern humor with the songs of my generation. It's a great bonding movie for parents with teen age kids. It's a love story, sort of so yeah it's a Valentine movie LOL.

What's best about spending time with children is that you get to feel "young" at heart again. Hmmmm we missed the hubby who's miles away but nevertheless, distance is just a "number" and we will be together physically again very soon!

Happy Heart's Day everyone!

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