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10 Steps To The Perfect Child's Birthday

If your little one is about to reach another birthday, you may already be making preparations for their big day. Kids love their birthdays. It’s a time they get lots of presents and new toys to play with. Extended family come to visit. And there’s usually plenty of cake and ice cream to enjoy. Gifts and parties are commonplace when it’s time for a birthday. But getting everything ready takes a lot of organization. Here’s how to get the perfect child’s birthday prepared and ready in no time:

Party Invites
If your little one wants to have a birthday party, you need to decide whether you will be hosting it at home or hiring another venue. Some play centers run parties for a fee, so this could be the preferred option. It certainly saves you a lot of planning, catering and cleaning up!

You need to confirm the date of the party. If your child’s birthday falls midweek, it may be easier to book a party for the weekend when you’re not at work. Once you’ve decided on the venue and the date, it’s time to send out the invitations. Pop your cell phone number or an email address on the back for a quick RSVP contact method.

Some parents invite the entire school class. Others prefer to select their child’s closest friends only for a smaller party event. It’s best to send the invites out at least two weeks in advance so people can save the date.

Managing The Excitement
As the big day draws nearer, your child may become more and more excited. And excited children tend to have an excess of energy. They may become more difficult to settle at bedtime, and may even appear to misbehave.

Managing behavior that is difficult isn’t always easy to do. Plenty of distractions are key to reducing the disruption caused by your child’s excitement. Give them plenty of opportunities to burn off that excess energy at the play park or in the yard. You’ll not likely get them to sit still and focus on tasks for long, so aim for plenty of active activities instead.

If they are becoming overtired from not sleeping enough, try to encourage some quiet time snuggled up on the sofa watching a family movie. This will help them recharge a little. It may help them unwind enough to get them to bed too.

Gift List
Your child may have plenty of ideas about what they would like for their birthday. You probably won’t even need to ask as they’ll be telling you every day! But you might like to control what kind of gifts extended family members buy. It’s best to write out a list or use an online wish list for the details.

Buying The Presents
Buying the gifts you want to give your child for his birthday isn’t always easy. You might be hunting for a special offer. Or you might be looking for that perfect present. Kids outgrow things so quickly, you might feel loathe to buy certain things too.

Personalized gifts are perfect for kids, especially if you can customize them with the age or year. It helps turn them into keepsakes after they are no longer used. Choose cute tees like those at or even soft toys. Younger kids especially love having their age on their tops!

Getting A Card
It will soon be time to think about getting a card for your son or daughter. There are plenty of choices. You could order one online and use a photo upload service to personalize it. Alternatively, you might choose to purchase one that bears their favorite TV character.

Lots of kids love having cards with their age on them. Some even come with a badge they can wear. You might choose to post your card for your child. After all, who doesn’t love the Postie bringing them lots of birthday cards on their special day?

Taking Care Of Guests
Extended family members often make the effort to visit when young nieces, nephews or grandchildren have a birthday. You may need to make arrangements for overnight guests in your home. Start early by getting the laundry ready and the spare room cleaned. Don’t forget to pick up some extra groceries at the store too!

Having The Party
The day of the party is going to be very busy for you, especially if you have it at home. Start early with the catering arrangements. You may need to clear some space in your fridge to store everything you need.

It can be a nice touch to put little name cards out for each of the kids that are coming over. Most parents prefer to use paper plates and cups for parties. It saves on the washing up, and avoids breakages of the good crockery!

Treasure Hunt
Kids love treasure hunts. They’re easier to set up than you think. Choose 10 locations to hide prizes and write some cryptic clues for each. Then just pop a clue in each location. You can find clue ideas at Don’t forget the prizes!

Recording The Day
Some family members won’t be able to make it, so be sure to take photos and videos of the big events. Blowing out the candles is a great moment to capture. You can then post to FaceBook, or print it out for a frame.

Cleaning Up
Cleaning up after a kid’s party isn’t much fun. You’ll find mess and stickiness in places you never knew the kids could reach! You’ll also have to deal with an overtired child. Your son or daughter may be feeling the post party blues now everyone has gone. His birthday is officially over. A few cuddles and one last surprise gift can give him a boost.

I love it when children have birthdays. There’s lots of giggling and laughter, and so much happiness. Best of all, I can be there to share in those moments that were so magical to me when I was little. After all, they won’t be little forever...

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