Thursday, January 14, 2016

How To Kick Off Flu The Natural Way

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Friday night last week I came home a bit late. The next morning I kept sneezing and had runny nose. The next day came the sore throat and the body malaise. The coughing set in after a day more. Oh yes low grade fever, count that in plus headache and a bit of dizziness.

So the weekend was spent in bed just staring at the ceiling (movie marathon actually LOL) and web browsing through the iphone. My companions were as shown in the photo above- fruits, juicy fruits; chicken soup and lots of water and veggies and sleep ZZzzzzzzz lotsa sleep.....more sleep than watching I swear!

Since I am allergic to cold temperature when I am sick I had to give up the air-conditioning and bonding with the kids for awhile less they get the bug which I never want to happen. I put menthol vaporub on my neck and soles which helped me sleep without the coughing.

So now I only got the itchy throat which is exacerbated by too much talking LOL so I keep quiet most of the time this week. And my energy is back. Didn't take any antibiotics because I felt there was no need. The natural way worked! Yippeee thank you Lord for my ease in breathing that has been restored.

~I happen to be a medical doctor (read:stubborn medically LOL) so I guess you can trust me to give you good health advice LOL.

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